It isn’t wrong for today’s growing tech world to say that we have the world in our hands, referring to the phones we carry. Life is surely made easy, from finding the right product to connecting to a friend or family who lives continents away.

The world has been made smaller and connected.

But what if the same boon we got can come back as a negative backlash in our lives? With young kids and their entire information posting their current lives online, even adults getting scammed or relying upon every important information within our phone data and imagining the same phone getting lost. Also, you can know more about mileage tracking apps via TechWhoop. All of these problems come back to the same solution, getting an effective device tracker that will keep your phone safe as well as your loved ones. Let’s understand what the top-rated tracking apps providing makes them more reliable and accepted by the customers are:

  1. Find My Device by Android

With almost a rating of 4.4 stars in Google Play, Find My Device is surely to top the list.

Some of its features include the easy location of phone, tablet, watch through the map, and the last location available. The devices could be found even within indoor spaces like airports and shopping centers, and this feature was updated in 2018. Also, suppose the device happens to be on silent when lost. In that case, a sound at full volume can be played, and through a custom message and phone number, even on a locked screen gives the command of erasing out the entire data, so even if a reliable source is to be found, it can return it safely to the owner through the number provided.

The bonus about this app is that it’s completely free. Without spending a fortune, one can get all these features.

2. Life360

This app is built specifically keeping in mind the families’ protection. Millions of frauds keep taking place regarding the young kids’ stolen identities through their Social Security numbers, which gives access to credit cards and bank accounts.

The younger generation and inclusive of adults who can merely give out their details in the hope of getting game rewards or any other manner through which fraudsters can pull out money from innocent beings.

This app’s features are protecting your sensitive data, Credit Monitoring, and Data Breach alerts.

Alongside it, it gives preference to families and their respective locations, and one can create an invite-only circle through which other family members can store families’ current locations and information. Through the check-in feature, one can provide alerts or texts to close ones to know the other person’s happenings and whereabouts.

But sometimes, for a while, if someone finds it too intrusive to keep checking up on someone or keep being checked by someone, there is a feature to turn off the sharing feature.

The app purchase plan starts at $1.5 and the premium plan at $4.99.

3. Spyic

This app is known for the Definitive Parental Control and Remote Monitoring feature.

The features included are Message Monitoring, which helps parents get into the contacts, WhatsApp, call logs, browser history of their kid’s devices, Location Tracking, and Geofence Alert, which helps create a virtual zone and if the child is to cross beyond the restricted mark. The parent will be alerted, or if some unknown identity is to enter the mark, then too, the parent will be alerted.

For the phone’s protection, there is a feature of Sim Tracker that can help to recollect the SIM card details, IMEI number, and track the lost phone.

Even if someone changes their phone numbers, the new number will be updated using the app.

The app has a stealth mode, which means without even being seen on the forefront with other apps, and it will work in the background and impossible for the other person to detect it.

4. Famisafe

As the name refers itself, even this app works foremost to protect the younger generation; this app’s main feature is to control the screen time of the kid’s screen and inappropriate content. Also, there are alerts for certain keywords supposing the kid is to go looking for something which isn’t age-appropriate.

Certain features include YouTube content detection, Web Content Blocking, and Filtering to pre-block certain sites that the child may encounter. Even cases of cyberbullying, hurtful comments, content, and comments with violence can be detected.

And if the kid is to uninstall the app, the parent will be alerted of the same because a password set up by the parent will be asked first, which makes it difficult for the child to log off and deactivate the account.

The app has a free three-day trial and then provides a monthly subscription up to five devices at $9.99. Quarterly plan for ten devices at $6.66 per month and an annual plan for 30 devices at $4.99 per month.

5. KidsGuard Pro

This app provides a built-in GPS tracker as a hidden feature and keeps the history location recorded and synced to the dashboard. Inclusive of Real-time location and browsing history of web pages, Facebook, Whatsapp, call recorder that involves documenting incoming and outgoing calls, recording the conversation, and automatically downloading it for later use.

The only con with the app is that it comes with a hefty price of the monthly plan at $8.32 which while the other apps easily provide the same services and features for free or at a lower rate.

Since looking for an app that keeps your phone, family safe, the most important features should at least include a GPS phone tracker to remotely monitor the activity on the number, the user’s precise location, phone call recording, call log history to check the contact information, call duration and time of the calls, store the data in one location.