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Everything You Should Know About The IP Address Saga


We all are dependent on the almighty; I am talking about the Internet here. There is no doubt that the Internet has evolved from a dream to want and finally to a need. It has changed the functioning of the entire world. Now we do not need to post letters to our fellow mates or wait for that one call ringing in our neighborhood for us because it is all eased up now. Just a few clicks and boom; you can do what you want! Not mingling words now, we know every coin has two sides, and so does our “Modern Age Almighty.” 

IP Address

With unending benefits come some dangerous threats-Ever heard of IP Address? You might have, but still putting it into simple words-“An IP Address is a unique number separated by decimals assigned to every computer network connected to the Internet.” Looks Normal and Cool? But No, the IP Address identifies a computer network and can be used to determine your location and a lot of other information. Using one like IP will grant you stability, but there is more to look into when it comes to safety.

Everything we do is likely on the Internet, from searching for a recipe to sending messages and emails. We do not prefer sharing anything we do on the Internet with anyone, and that is our wish. But what if someone is spying on us without our knowledge? No wonder he might have all our information, and that is dreadful. Who would want anyone to have his Bank account details or other confidential information we searched for on the Internet?

The Details

Your mind must be bombarded with questions about how a person will be able to do anything just with our IP Address, and why would he/she choose us? So here is your answer, IP Address helps websites know precisely where to send the data we ask for by making connection requests. IP Address reveals our geographical location as it contains information such as:

  • What country we are from.
  • What city we are in.
  • Who our Internet Service Provider is.
  • What is our Zip Code?
  • What we ate last night ( Absolutely Not ).

There are numerous ways a person can trace our IP Address, but here are the most common ones: 

  • Torrents: 

Sound Familiar? A Binge Watcher or a Gamer or anyone who does not want to purchase subscriptions or license and merely getting it through a torrent leaves his IP address behind. Every person who seeded or leached the torrent can check the list of peers and to your surprise. There is your IP Address along with the torrent client you are using.

  • Emails: 

Our Go-To for customer support and professional messages to be embodied in a friendly-looking format or any other stuff. The mail we sent contains our IP address in the header of the message.

  • Any Website you visit: 

Just surfing around any websites that are not secured. It can be dangerous as any website you visit logs your IP address into the database of the host.

What Can You Do?

  • Firstly the person may straightaway track you and can knock at your door and have some chit-chat (Surely not).
  • Or he/she could try to connect to your device by brute force a connection to your device ports, and I am pretty sure that you will not like what happens next. If they succeed, they can do everything, but they may take control of your device, may steal your data, credentials, and everything that you have on your computer saved. Or Worse, they could impersonate you and do some nasty stuff.

You may or may not be the lucky one whom the hacker or anyone chooses a target. Generally, the “Intelligent Mind” targets a vast mass of people, and that may include you!

Repeating my lines once again- Need not worry, I got you! As they say, every problem comes with a solution, so let us evaluate some of the practical precautionary measures one might take to safeguard his information.


How we can protect ourselves from simply giving up our IP address and protection against threats if our IP Address goes public :

  • Use a VPN service: Using a VPN Server protects you from disclosing your real IP address as the service provider replaces it with his own. Some of the best VPN services that I can suggest are NordVPN, TurboVPN, and HotspotShield.

It’s much like a VPN only, but it is less popular as it generally provides low speed and is also less secure than a VPN.

  • Connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network: 

Public Wi-Fi is usually riskier as it allows many intelligent minds to get their hands upon your information. So one should always connect to a secure Wi-Fi network and that too, with excellent encryption capability.

  • Use Tor: 

Many of you know that there is something like the Dark Web. Yes, but why is it Dark? Because in the dark, no one can understand you or locate you. Tor helps with that. It hides your IP address from tracking.

  • Refrain yourself from visiting unsecured websites: 

Visiting sites that are not secured could be more dangerous than just giving your IP address because the site might be a phishing attack, or it may keylog your data.


We all have been told that ‘Prevention Is Better Than Cure’. But Sadly, In this case, there is no cure, what has been done cannot be undone. So, Prevention is the only cure.