Embed Google Reviews on Website

Embed Google Reviews on Website with Ease-Try These Tools

Reviews are important for businesses and customers. And if we talk about reviews without mentioning Google reviews, it would be a sin. The platform is one of the most trusted and prominent review platforms. Therefore, many businesses are now opting to embed Google reviews on websites.

So if you are looking to jump onto this trend and looking for simple ways to achieve this, then you have arrived at the right place. In this blog, we will discuss some of the amazing tools that help you embed Google reviews on the website. You can find these tools with ease, and as they have a user-friendly interface, you can operate them like a pro.

Best Rated Tools That Helps To Embed Google Reviews on Website

Various tools are currently available in the market that helps you to add Google reviews on websites. Out of those, we have listed some of the best. We examined them based on their usage, features, and pricing. And these were the tools that stand tall after the examination.

1. Tagembed Widget

Tagembed stands as one of the soundest social media aggregator tools in the market. It allows users to collect social media feeds from 20+ social media platforms. Allows them to curate and customize them before displaying the feed on the website. The tool provides a dedicated Google review widget that one can embed on a website and display Google reviews without any hassle. This Google review widget works as a functioning block on the website. It enables users to display Google reviews without any disruption.

Tagembed is a coding-free tool that provides a simple embedding solution. So even if you don’t have any coding experience or do not belong to a technical background, you can still embed Google reviews on the WordPress website with ease. 

Alongside easing the embedding process, it also offers loads of features that add great value to this tool. Like, it allows you to customize the plugin as per your need. Here, you can change the font size, font style, and more to make the widget match the vibe and style of your website.

Also, it allows you to hide irrelevant or misleading reviews from the website feed. You can either remove these reviews manually or choose a profanity filter. The profanity filter removes the content automatically consisting of provided keywords. You can use this feature to great effect. For example, you can remove the reviews that mention the name of your competitive brand. 

The tool also provides you with the feature to add a Custom CTA button. That means you can add a “write review” button and encourage your consumers to write reviews. So tool helps you to generate reviews, collect reviews, and display reviews. What else can someone ask for?

Custom CSS and analytics are some of the tool’s other features that add great value to it.

2. Reviews on My Website

As the name suggests, this tool focuses on integrating review platforms with your website. The tools provide a simplified solution for collecting reviews from various platforms. It also helps in displaying them on websites, assisting you in building dependability in front of your consumers.

Reviews on My Website provide you with a customizable and responsive Google review widget. The widget smoothly displays Google reviews on your website. As mentioned, a widget is customizable, which means you can change the font size, background color and make further modifications and match the widget with the style of your website and brand.

It also helps you collect reviews as it provides you with the feature to send individuals emails or texts and request reviews. After all, it is important to revive reviews to showcase them.

3. Reviews-Widget

Last, but not least – Reviews widget. It is another phenomenal tool that helps to collect and display reviews on the website. With a dedicated Google review widget you can flaunt the reviews, and gain the trust of your customers.

The modern and appealing widget design helps to display reviews on the website in a beautiful way. It helps you catch the attention of your website visitors on the reviews. The tool provides you with various options to showcase reviews. Like, you can use small badges, medium widget badges, comments widgets, and more and display reviews with ease.

How to Embed Google Reviews?

With such advantages, if you think that displaying Google reviews on the website is a tedious task, allow us to pop this thought balloon. Here is the easiest way to embed Google reviews on a website. Here we will be using Tagembed as our tool, as it is coding free and helps to display Google reviews in a few simple steps.

Step 1 – Login to Tagembed, or if you are a new user, sign up to Tagembed.

Step 2 – Create a new widget for Google reviews if you are an existing user and looking to create a new widget. If you are a new user then, your widget will be ready. Click on the Open button to continue.

Step 3 – Select Google from provided social media platforms.

Step 4 – Link your Google My Business account.

Step 5 – The tool will automatically collect all the reviews. Make your desired personalization. Generate the embedding code, and paste it on the backend of your website.


Google reviews have the potential to make or break a brand. Positive reviews can help a business to grow and generate a market reputation. By choosing to embed Google reviews on websites, you can extract maximum benefit from any platform. The tools mentioned above are the finest in the market. So what are you waiting for? Try them now and take your business to new heights.