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Different Types Of Ethernets in Market

We can say that Ethernet is the standard way of communication that is used to make local area networks. With the help of the cable it transmits and receives data too. With the help of an Ethernet network, we can connect different sets of devices such as computers, printers, scanners, and so on. Also with the help of Ethernet Bridge the user can connect different local area networks together. In this article, we would check upon different types of ethernet available in the market.

  • So What Is Ethernet

In simple words, ethernet is an efficient and speedy technology. When the help of optic fiber any device within 10km of the circle can connect with the help of ethernet technology. It has been found that it can support speed up to 10Mbps. They use a network card in a computer before they set up an ethernet network along with that they assign a unique IP address. Nowadays ethernet can be wireless wherein they used wireless NICs so that they can scrap the use of ethernet cables. Using wireless ethernet is easy but it is not cost-effective and maintenance cost is very high.

Different Type Of Ethernet

  • Fast Ethernet

With the advancement in technology data transfer speed has gone up to 100Mbps, this can be achieved by twisted-pair fiber optic cable or by using CAT5 cable. The most popular variant in fast ethernet is 100Base-T. The other variant that is available in the market is 100Base-FX.

  • Gigabit Ethernet

With the help of Gigabit Ethernet faster, speed can be achieved which can be up to 1 Gbps. In this case use of a twisted-pair optic is been made so that it achieved good speed. Another type of optical fiber cable which is widely used is Cat 5e so that all the four twisted cables can be used at a time to achieve greater speed. So the latest Ethernet is about 10 gigabit which can transfer data up to a speed of 10Gbps. If the speed is so nice then no one would ask about what is smartbyte, to view videos on the network.  If the need of the client is to transfer the data to a faraway destination the use 1000Base-SX or 1000Base-LX. This type of Ethernet is fast and reliable, but the only factor to worry about is the cost

  • Switch Ethernet

With the help of the Switch and Hub, this network can be used to connect multiple network devices. In this type of network normal network cable is used instead of the crossover cables. With the help of this network, we can send data from one device to another device in the same network. 

Here is a list of things required in Ethernet LAN

  • Computers

The primary us the Ethernet network is to connect computers in a network along with that it would require a network card so with help of that the user can connect them in a network.

  • Network Interface Cards

All the devices which need to be connected in a network need to have a NIC card most of the time it is inbuilt with the motherboard but sometimes we would need to install it separately. We can find the USB version of the Ethernet card.  We can call the ethernet card a network card also.

  • Hub

We cab say that Hub has many slots for RJ45 wherein you can join the cables.  Hub acts as a connecting point for the devices which are there in the network. In the market, three types of hubs are being used such Active Hub, Passive Hub, and Intelligent Hub.

  • Cables

Mostly unshielded twisted pair of cables are being used in Ethernet network.  These types of cables were used for landline cable connections but these are much bigger and have eight pairs of twisted wires and an RJ-45 connector is being used at end of the connection. For landline RJ-11 connectors were being used. In addition to that here is a list of wires used in an Ethernet network.

  • 10Base2: This is a simple slim twisted pair of coaxial cable
  • 10Base5: This wire is somewhat thick than 10Base2
  • 10Base T: The user can get up to 10Mbps of speed using this cable.
  • 100Base TX: This is the advanced version wherein the user can get up to 100Mbps of speed.
  • Software

Also, the latest software such as Windows, Linux, or macOS would be required to manage such a huge network in a systematic way. We would recommend third-party software as it has good features and control over the system is excellent.


After reading the above article, any beginner would get an idea about the different kinds of Ethernet that are available in the market. It all depends upon what is the need of the client accordingly choose the ethernet network. So that they get cost-effective, efficient, and a speedy network.