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Best Phone Tracking App: Your Android Your Responsibility

So in recent news, I lost my cellphone a couple of months ago. It was a theft incident. I was more miserable as I lost my data. I got another phone and the thing started to slow down but one of my pictures was used in some fancy web content. Now that was a start of a nightmare. I was reminded of that incident in the most shocking way possible. So now I had to go through the whole paperwork to remove this content and to make sure it will never happen again. Trust me when I say it was not easy.

  • Major US cities theft records show upwards of 40% robbery of cellphones according to FCC reports. 

Believe it or not, it is more common in urban areas where the density of mobile phones is high.  People do that to make money and in mainly two ways. Either resell the stolen smartphone or steal the victim’s information to get money. Both are disgusting and torturing from the victim’s perspective. So I was being told that the best phone tracking app can help the individual in assuring the safety of the device and in case of any unforeseen situation also helps to track the device as well. I was desperate and mad so I decided to give OgyMogy spy app a try. It was worth it as it has been just a month but I am more than satisfied and planning to get the yearly bundle for my android gadget. 

Best Phone Tracking App: The OgyMogy

A cellphone is a person’s responsibility and there are tons of activities we handle through our cellphone every day. Using the modern tool and technology best phone tracking app is just a simple start to assure that you are a responsible citizen. Moreover, this can save your form tons of other fatigues as well here is how. 

Loss Of Costly CellPhone:

Losing a cellphone is not a good experience apart from whether it was new or old. In both cases, certain sentiments are involved and that can hurt for ages. To avoid such harsh realities all you need to do is install the app on your device. No need to worry about the functionality of other apps or their effects as it does not. OgyMogy works in the background silently without affecting the usual cellphone activities. 

Data Loss:

Nobody wants to lose the precious memory of the last trip or photos of thanksgiving. Of course, they are precious. The best part about this app is that you can have a personal online data backup portal of your own. All of your data is saved on the online dashboard only you have access to. 

Tracking Made Easy:

In case of any theft or accident loss, one can simply track the pinpoint location of the device by using the GPS location tracking feature of the best phone tracking app. You can even know about the real-time location as well. This is a life-saving feature.

Whereabouts History Reports:

You can not only track the real-time location but can also track the whereabouts of the criminal as well with this app. The app saves the seven-day history record of the whereabouts of the device. That means you have more days to recover your gadget and make the criminal get punished for his actions. 


Assure the safety of your device by marking a virtual safe and restricted zone on google map. Any movement outside the zone or toward the restricted zone will be reported to you right away. This feature is excellent for parental control. 

Tracking Of Culprit :

You can even know the face of the culprit and track them down by listening to its surrounding as well. The mic bug and camera bug feature allow you to listen to watch the surroundings remotely without any problem. 

Well like any normal person who knows nothing about these spy apps and monitoring software it was a big deal to find the best phone tracking app. I openly confess that I was doubtful so got the simple monthly bundle. The best part about this app is that they offer three different kinds of bundle deals with the same features that include all the advanced monitoring features as well.