Best Dedicated Server Hosting: Reliable Solution For 2021

Best Dedicated Server Hosting: Reliable Solution for 2021

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a server that is separate from other server links. There are many advantages to using a dedicated server for your website. One of these advantages is no lagging. Your site will not lag from time to time. You can have full access and control over your website and do not have to share it with other website owners. 

Though it is a bit more expensive than other web hosting servers you can still find various types of plans for this server hosting. It may depend upon the level of service and features that it provides. You may get a CDN, SSL certificate at one plan for free and you will have to pay for it on other plans. 

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It is not possible for many web organizations to host in a dedicated server because of the expense. But for others, it’s not even necessary because of the low traffic and other reasons. In this type of service, you will get separate services for your website and even applications too.

In the following list, we have jotted down some of the best dedicated servers for you to start with. Let’s begin –


Bluehost is one of the legendary web hosting services. It provides all the features at great rates as well. They offer all the amazing features that other web hosting companies might lack. This too comes with a reputation they have maintained for years. They are recommended by WordPress itself. It has an amazing loading time and provides strong performance. 

Liquid Web

Anyone looking for some robust features and services should go nowhere else than the liquid web. Only they have liquid in their name, everything else is solid from their features to performance. They have a high-quality server and great dedicated support to back your site and service all the time. 


This European company has its own set of advantages. Their cheap plans attract many newcomers who want to find an affordable web hosting service but still need to get with a dedicated server. This can be a choice for you all. Their low costing plans have many amazing features like SSL and customer support to justify their cost. 

A2 hosting

You might have been using the shared hosting for a while now and need to shift to the dedicated server. Well, here is your chance. You can simply shift your website from shared to dedicated with the A2 hosting. They might not be the most perfect web hosting server but they are growing every time. You can find many flexible plans. You can find many other things to try with the A2 hosting. They have many great features but one of their biggest plus points is the customer support. They have incredible customer support which works in the direction to solve the customer’s queries in no time. 


Hostwinds is an all-rounder web hosting company. They have a mixture of the service from many web hosting companies. They try to maintain their strength in all the fields. They are a cloud-based company and have an amazing high-tech server that can be supported and used at any time. 


HostGator has its name not one of the top-performing web hosting companies. Anyone who cares about dedicated servers knows how well HostGator provides the services. You can see it in the number of users it has. You can use their service for anything from blogging to business or even e-commerce. They have many amazing freebies and value for money. 

Inmotion hosting

Are you looking for a devoted server that does not only provide a dedicated server but also a variety of managed and unmanaged servers? Inmotion is the answer for you. You get auto SSL and great customer support with them.


When it comes to experience you can take your side to Dreamhost at any time. They have Been in the industry for a long time and that shows in their performance and services. They can provide everything your business needs in one place. The web servers are great and optimized to give the best speed and Uptime. 

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Factors to check before subscribing to a dedicated server hosting plan

  • Uptime

Uptime is an essential factor for any web hosting plan. The standard figure for a web hosting company regarding the time is 99.95% at least. Anything lower than this is worthless. Don’t go for lower uptime because it may increase the bounce rate of your website and decrease the ranking. 

Today, Webflow offers 99.99% uptime.

  • Pricing

Though dedicated servers are organically more expensive than any kind of web hosting service it is still important that you check if the pricing plan is worth your money or not. Spending a high amount of money for any service which doesn’t justify its cost is not right in any way. 

  • Money-back guarantee

This is a factor that must be considered but is often neglected. Some of the users do not even realize that the web hosting they are using had such a policy. If you don’t like any company’s service claim for your money back. 

  • Freebies

If you are investing such a high amount then it is necessary that the web hosting company provides a lot of freebies for your plan. 

  • Backups

Security is the prime factor that needs to be checked. So if your web hosting provides regular backups and restores then go for it. And if it provides it for no cost then it is even better. 


When you are buying a dedicated server for your blogging site or business site you have to keep into consideration many factors. You can start by checking the pricing obviously if that is a matter of concern for you. Then you must focus on the feature that it provides. After features come along the freebie because even many shared plans are offering freebies along with their packages. Uptime and speed are mandatory factors that need to be there. Check the performance and user experience of the hosting site. Check out hosting review for more details.

For user experience consider legit customer review pages and find the right answer. After following all these steps whichever fits right into your bucket list pick that one.