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Best 5 mobile app monetization solutions In 2022

Offerwalls are the most widely used ad format. Offerwalls may be a sizable source of income. They perform better with specific game economies and genres.

Any mobile app developers want to make money off the programmer they’ve created. There are numerous platforms for monetization. Nevertheless, the quickest approach to make your app profitable is to use mobile advertising.

Offerwalls look like mini-stores inside mobile game apps. They list the various things that gamers can do to get rewards. These include the following examples:

  • Filling out a rewarded survey
  • Playing a lots of mini-game
  • Signing up for a free trial – of game apps
  • Downloading a game
  • Making an in-app purchase in another game

Mobile app developers can easily and conveniently make money from premium offer wall by using monetization services. Best 5 mobile app monetization solutions are given below; here is a list of the top five in 2022.

  1. Rapidoreach

Rapidoreach audience network is made up of a wide range of apps and games. These apps span a variety of genres, from action games to crossword puzzles. This network has been leveraged to create an audience that is diverse in terms of age, ethnicity, location, income, and education.

Rapidoreach came up with the greatest approach to give users a better way to enjoy their favorite apps and give publishers a new source of income, while also enabling researchers to connect with high-quality responders via mobile.

The Rapidoreach is another method that comes to mind when talking about real-time programmatic offerwall advertising. It contributes significantly to the enormous profits made by web and mobile app developers.

Rapidoreach, a market research technology company, asserts that it can increase the publisher’s eCPMs, fill rates, engaged users, and revenue. The company’s use of cutting-edge data understanding to direct and programmatically channel advertising makes this possible.

Rapidoreach is an all-in-one publisher monetization platform that combines high fill rates, tried-and-true technology, and premium advertising from top businesses. It offers the top rewarded surveys, and offerwall to monetize publisher apps and improve user experience. The numerous choices it offers can be used by publishers and advertising alike.

2. Iron Source

Numerous mobile operating platforms, such as iOS, Android, Adobe Air, and Unity, are supported by Iron Source. Their four ad formats are Rewarded video, Interstitial, Banner, and Offerwall.

Iron Source’s mobile advertising technology enables app developers to make money from their work while maintaining high levels of client satisfaction.

Iron Source is one of the biggest companies focused on developing technology for app monetization and distribution. In order to help publishers increase their revenue, Iron Source, which was founded in 2010, connects them with a range of partner ad networks.

By providing a comprehensive business platform for the key actors in the app economy, Iron Source enables businesses to focus on what they do best—create amazing apps and user experiences—while easing their business expansion in the app economy.

Offerwalls, interstitial advertising, and video are just a few of the additional ad formats that you can use in this place. In comparison to Iron Source, the retention rates for music, sports, adventures, arcade, and simulation games were the lowest.

3. Tapjoy

You may monetize your app using the Tapjoy service by rewarding users who download it. Credit is given to the user for downloading the app or watching advertisements.

In order to monetize mobile games, Tapjoy is what you need if you’re a mobile app developer working in the gaming industry. It’s a mobile ad network with an unforeseen broad range of options and capabilities.

One of the early techniques for app monetization is Tapjoy. Playable, Offerwall, Rewarded Video, and Video Interstitial are the ad formats that are available. Tapjoy supports the iOS and Android operating systems in addition to Mobile Web.

4. provides one of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolios of advertising technology, including native, local, mobile, search, display, products, and video.

By identifying user search intent and providing relevant search phrases that then display search advertising sponsored by advertisers using a cost-per-click (CPC) pricing mechanism, it is a very sophisticated method of monetizing display placements.

Advertisers have experienced incredibly high conversion rates and revenues using this format without taking the possibility of acquiring media based on cost per thousand impressions (CPM), where they run the risk of having to pay for content that users do not interact with.

Ad units can be fully tailored to match a website’s look, feel, and layout, offering a far more “native” experience that enhances rather than detracts from the user experience.

You can get native, contextual, and display advertisements through the ad network. The most widely used platform for monetizing mobile traffic.

5. Chartboost

The largest mobile offerwall network in the world right now is Chartboost, which claims to offer more than 15 billion mobile offerwall monthly. Offerwall offers a responsive and convenient user experience.

To boost engagement and reduce intrusion, offerwall are provided for applications at interruptions in the natural flow of events. Chartboost does something similar by giving user delight a top priority while methodically raising publisher revenue.

You can anticipate almost perfect functionality and straightforward app connection. If you’re new to mobile advertising, there isn’t a better place to start than Chartboost.

Publishers can also benefit from audience bidding, ad mediation, and in-app monetization thanks to Chartboost. For a mobile inventory, it also supports display, native and video ad formats. 


Your needs will define the best mobile advertising network for your business. Your areas of expertise and technological requirements, among other factors, have an impact on the platform you choose for app monetization.