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A Brief Insight on the Dark Web Monitoring

The most raved about the topic on the internet for nearly a decade is the dark web and its various components. The dark web is yet so popular due to the fact that it maintains anonymity while getting the required chores done and that the websites on the dark web forming the dark web directories are not indexed, unlike the surface web. This has proved to be very beneficial for the cyber criminals to conduct all sorts of illegal activities on the darknet sites links.

What is Dark Web Monitoring?

Have you ever wondered about your personal details floating on the dark web? Well, it’s too scary to explain through. This is the truth that the personal details available on the hidden wiki such as bank account information, social security number, credit and debit card credentials, etc are highly utilized by the cyber criminals for their own maleficent intentions. They could purchase products with the help of your credit and debit cards or even take up a loan of huge sum pretending to be you from the bank. All of these threats are real and thus require dark web monitoring to combat them.

Simplifying it, Dark Web Monitoring or cyber monitoring is an identity-theft prevention product that helps you to monitor your identity information on the Darknet and receive notifications if your information is traced online.How Dark Web Monitoring Works

Dark Web Monitoring utilizes specific tools that enable them to locate the personal information of an individual and present them to the victim. Honestly speaking, the service is a premium one where various companies offer you the service against some payments. They will search the dark web for you, going through the large databases or deep web directories of the stolen usernames, passwords, social security numbers, credit and debit card details that are up for sale.

Then the providers of the scans will notify you in case they find your personal information on the Darknet and you give you the opportunity to take action to help protect yourself from such identity thefts. With this, there comes a small disclaimer that dark web scans are not the ultimate thing as not everything can be found out from the vast network. A company cannot also assure you to find out everything about you on the dark web. A scan can only attempt to locate.

There are obviously some free tools for the purpose but unfortunately, nothing can guarantee the safety of your personal information or your information is waiting for the hackers to buy from the hidden wiki links.

Types of Information That Can Be Monitored on the onion Links

• Bank Account Numbers
• Credit/Debit Cards
• Driver’s License
• Email Address
• Medical Identification Numbers
• Passport Number
• Phone Numbers
• Retail/Membership Cards
• Social Security Number
What Are The Locations That These Darknet Monitoring Tools Might Penetrate?
Some of these Darknet monitoring tools aim to monitor various online sources such as:
• Blogs
• Bulletin Boards
• Forums And Chat Rooms On The Publicly Accessible Internet And The Dark Web
• Malware Samples
• Peer-To-Peer Sharing Networks
• Social Media Feeds
• Web Pages
• Web Services, Servers, And File Transmissions What Kinds of Alerts Should You Expect To Receive With These Dark Web Monitoring Tools?
Well, many of these Darknet monitoring tools offer the following alerts:
• Court Records
• Dark Web Internet Surveillance
• Financial Account Takeover
• Identity Validation
• National Change Of Address
• Non-Credit Loans
• Sex Offender Registry
• Social Network
• Social Security Number Trace• Your Social Networks What Should Be Your Next Few Steps If Your Personal Information Have Been Traced On A Dark Web Scan?
Well, in this case, you can obviously minimize the damage caused but cannot completely undo what is done. Below mentioned steps should be the key points that should in no time be done.

Change All Your Passwords

The security experts always say that you must always change the passwords in the first place if your personal information has been detected on any dark web monitoring scan. While changing the passwords, keep in mind not to keep the same passwords that you might have once used. Instead, use fresh new complicated passwords which are difficult to guess. It is always ideal to set passwords that are the combination letters, numbers and symbols.

 Notify the Financial Service Providers

If in the scans, your bank, credit and debit card details have been traced in the dark web directories or dark web links, make sure to inform your respective financial services company. In this case, you may have to open new accounts to keep your financial data protected.

Monitor Your Credit Card Statements and Order Credit Reports

Look for suspicious purchases by going through your credit card statement. Contact your card provider immediately if you find any transactions that are not done by you. Also, order your credit card reports. You might want to make sure to request a new credit card and account number from your credit card provider. Make sure to freeze your existing credit card and file an identity theft report to Federal Trade Commission or FTC.

Dark Web Monitoring has a bigger role to play in today’s world as the interest surrounding the Darknet and its various components have kept on increasing. People are eager to know if their personal information has been floating on the dark web. Also, with personal information been circulated on the .onion links, the businesses can get affected in a huge way. To combat such situations hailing on the companies, the brands have taken up Dark Web Monitoring pretty seriously where they continue to attempt dark web scans every now and then to detect if there is anything regarding their brands on the dark web. It has already been mentioned that this particular methodology does not ensure that all the information about you or your brand on the dark web can be identified fully. But this can be conducted to get an insight if anything is there.

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