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7 Reasons Why A Cloud-Based Virtual Desktop Solution is the Future

The future of business is cloud-based, and IT departments are embracing the latest advances in technology to stay ahead. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions powered by Azure offers an efficient way for companies of any size to enjoy the benefits of virtual desktops without having to invest in hardware or infrastructure. Not only for the large and multi-national corporations but even for the small and emerging businesses, virtual desktops are being integrated intuitively as well.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss 7 reasons why DaaS is the future for all types of organizations!

1. A virtual desktop solution offers anytime, anywhere access

Virtualization allows employees to work from anywhere, and on any device. Employees can access their virtual desktop solution at the office or while traveling with ease.

Employees have the flexibility of choosing when they work—whether it’s during traditional working hours in the office, after-hours, weekends and holidays (holidaze!), or even working from some other part of the world, virtual desktop solutions offer around the clock accessibility.

2. Virtual desktops are more cost-effective than traditional PCs or laptops

This is the biggest advantage of virtual desktop solutions as compared to traditional PCs. Virtual desktops are much more cost-effective because there’s no need for hardware, maintenance costs and IT staff.

Beyond just saving money on infrastructure costs, virtual desktop solutions also eliminate the need to manage updates and patches as well which can often be costly.

Virtual Desktop Solutions save time in managing upgrades, patches or other changes that may have occurred in traditional work setups. In many cases, virtual desktops have turned out to be cheaper than a traditional laptop.

IT departments that work with desktop computers are accustomed to the high costs associated with hardware upgrades and maintenance – an area where cloud-based solutions excel because they don’t need any such thing.

3. They can be used to run any number of applications and programs simultaneously

Virtual desktop solutions empower users to access any kind of software from anywhere in the world, using any kind of device. This can have significant implications for organizations that need to stay connected but are limited in terms of access, as well as those who require software applications and programs not available on the local market.

Virtual desktops also allow users to work with multiple documents or files at once without any issues – something that is often difficult when hardware resources are not abundant enough.

4. You don’t have to worry about viruses or other malware since everything is stored remotely in the cloud

Security is the core of modern-day organizations and for good reason. Virtual desktops help keep data safe with their centralized storage that is not subject to external threats – unlike on a regular desktop where there are many risks of malware or other viruses getting through the defenses.

The last major benefit of virtualizing your workplace environment is scalability: if you suddenly need more resources, scaling up your IT infrastructure is safe, secure, and cost-effective.

6. The operating system and software updates are handled by the service provider so you don’t need to worry about them yourself

Each and everything in this list has a major benefit of using a cloud-based virtual desktop solution, and the benefits just keep coming!

Storing your data in the cloud means it is always accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. And not only that but if you’re connected to VPN or other security features, then there’s virtually no way for someone outside of your authorized areas to get access of your data and apps.


Ultimately, the decision to use a cloud-based virtual desktop solution is one that could have profound effects on your business. It’s important to consider all of these advantages in order to determine if this service will be beneficial for you and your organization as well.