6 Valuable Tips To Find The Best WordPress Theme For Your Website

According to an estimate, there are more than 31,000 WordPress themes that are available for download. The same study suggests that there are over 200 professional companies developing and selling themes. All these ready made templates are sorted into different categories based on industries and professions. Even, then it can be hard to find the best WordPress theme for your website. Selecting a suitable template is one of the most crucial decisions. A wrong choice can seriously affect your business or organization which the interface is going to represent. There is a perfect pre-built layout for all kinds of websites but you should know how to locate it. The following suggestions will help you find the ideal theme for your web development project.

1. Identify The Features You Want In Your Website

Before starting the search process consider the goals you want to achieve with your website. Do you want to sell products or your interface is going to be a platform for bloggers? This will help in identifying the necessary features of your project. An e-commerce website will have completely different functionality than a blog. Similarly, if you are a photographer who wants to promote her work on the internet, you will require a theme with superb gallery and portfolio sections. It must also have e-commerce features if you want to monetize your work. Make a list of all the features that you want in your interface and then proceed to search for a suitable layout.

2. Conduct Competitor Research To Identify Requirements

A successful website is fully aligned with the requirements of its audience. Every element whether related to design or functionality is included only if the visitors would like it. You must conduct competitor research to identify the requirements as well as the likes and dislikes of your target audience. Find out which are the top domains in your category and then take a close look to see the kind of design scheme they have. It will also be pertinent to check out the features they have included. The research will also give you an idea about how to differentiate your project from those of your rivals’.

3. Always Download From A Verified Source

WordPress is one of the most popular web building tools in the world. It attracts not only new users but also existing owners who convert website to WordPress theme. The huge demand for pre-made templates has given rise to numerous professional development agencies. These companies specialize in creating new templates for different kind of purposes. However, you must check out the credentials of the developer before purchasing or downloading a layout from it. Buying from an unverified source can leave you with a product with malicious or inefficient code. You can download templates from the official WordPress theme directory where all the products are included only after rigorous reviewing. There are also plugins which help find out whether a layout fulfills the latest theme review conditions or not.

4. Try The Demo before Installation

You must first try out the demo of a template before installing it. This is necessary if you want to find the best WordPress theme for your project. Go through the demo to check whether the design displays perfectly or not. Make sure that the fonts can be read easily on all devices. After checking the appearance elements, look under the hood to see how the layout was constructed. Check the widget-ready areas and short-codes supplied with the product. Make sure that the template fits in with your design requirements as well as functionality needs before making the final decision.

5. Select A Responsive Theme

It is imperative that you choose a responsive theme or else it will be hard to reach out to mobile users successfully. A responsive theme provides you with an easy way to create a website which is compatible with all types of devices. Mobile devices account for the majority of internet traffic in today’s world. It is essential to have a mobile-friendly interface to be successful. Check whether the template has flexible images or not which can easily adjust to different screen sizes. It will also be sensible to look out for features like fluid site grid.

6. Free And Popular May Not Always Be The Best Choice

Many users opt for a free and popular layout as they want to install a tried and tested products. However, this may not always be the right approach especially if you desire a unique-looking interface. A common template will require extensive customization and the in-built options may not be sufficient. Hiring professional customization experts will escalate the cost of the project. Go for a template which is efficient and lets your project retain its individuality.


A theme provides the framework on which a website is constructed. It is vital to select the perfect template for your project to ensure its success after launch. The best approach will be to approach a reputable agency which provides WordPress developers for hire. Engage a professional who will guide you in finding and then customizing a suitable layout.