6 Small Mistakes Every Successful Developer Should Avoid

Mistakes are a part of every business or field. It’s a natural thing which in spite of being a hundred percent focused on your work you cannot avoid. But the great people learn from their mistakes and move further. Same goes with the mobile app developers.

Although a small mistake can cost them a huge effort, it can ruin careers if developers don’t pay enough attention. So,some factors separate the successful developers from the unsuccessful ones.

Let’s learn the mistakes that every successful developer should avoid to save themselves from falling in the pitfalls later.

1. No Documentation

Documentation is important. It works as the guidelines in the absence of the developer. For example, if any developer worked on creating a mobile app and he left the company after a few years of service, how will the next developers learn his coding methods if he prepared no documentation for his code.

It’s not only documentation but proper documentation that explains the ebb and flow of the code.This practice counts in a good reputation of the developer and helps others to understand the code better.

2. Not Following Proper Development Cycle

If you’ve interacted with the successful app developers, you must have observed that they follow a proper development cycle to come up with a successful app. And that’s important!

If you don’t plan your app before working on it, there are fewer chances of success. Therefore, it’s essential that you follow the immaculate app development cycle to have a clear picture of the steps.

3. Quality Assurance Testing

A good app developer will be prolific in app testing methodologies. He won’t make the mistake of making the app live on the App Store or Play Store before testing it several times.

Testing ensures that the app is according to the requirements, free of bugs and has no errors. It is a great step that tells the status of your app either it is ready to go live or not. It counts in the best practice for the app developers.

4. Focusing on the Design only

App users are more concerned in using the app to get their required result. For example, if you have a food ordering app, the customers will be more interested to order the food on a click rather than noticing the design of your app.

So, the right developer will always focus on the functionality of the app and make it simple. If you try to engage the users with the design only, they can turn off when they don’t achieve their purpose on the app.

5. Building for Multiple Platforms

With the plethora of millions of apps available on the App Store, it becomes hard to compete it. If you try to create an app for both Android and iOS users, you’ll double your investment cost, time and efforts.

Even Instagram before coming to the Android was launched for the iPhone users first. So, the tip is to finalize your app for one platform only and then later on approach the second network to launch your app.

6. No App Marketing

If you think your app can get successful right after you launch it then it’s wrong. A great developer will always work on the pre marketing strategy before the app launch. In this context, creating video teasers for the app, coming soon post and blogs are the right media to engage the audience.

Create a marketing strategy that is targeted to the relevant audience and help in growing the excitement before the app releases.


The right coding practice indeed makes the developer successful, but these mistakes can also resist their performance. Hence, be mindful of the mistakes to avoid any bad experience in your career development.

Now that you have known the six top mistakes of an app developer, I hope that you do your part to avoid it. If you want to know more about the successful app developer, feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below.