6 Best Free Video Editors Without Watermark for Windows/ Mac

6 Best Free Video Editors Without Watermark for Windows/ Mac

There are many who are hunting for a free video editor without a watermark because it is as essential as the role of video in the digital era. Video content is a powerful branding and promotion medium for products and services to content creators. Creators don’t have to use the raw footage to produce promotional video content. We can use many methods, starting from using stock videos, Common License, or video slides and animations.

Answering the need to make videos, creators certainly need video editors to do quality video editing. There are many types of this video editors. You are ranging from professional ones with a hefty price tag to free and budget-friendly ones. Which one should you choose?

Of course, you have to adjust it to the needs of the promotional campaign. If the usage is quite intense and you need a lot of features, then, of course, a paid professional video editor might be what you need. However, if the user is not so intense but wants maximum results, it never hurts to try a free video editor first.

Best Video Editor Software Without Watermark

When it comes to free video editors, there are many options that you can actually try. You need to pay attention to that there are many video editing software out there that claim to be free but actually come with a large watermark inside the video clip when exported. For those of you who want to look professional, of course, the presence of this watermark is quite disturbing.

The next question, is there a video editor other than the default software for basic editing on Mac OS, which can edit videos without a watermark when exported? In this article, the good news is that you will get references to some of the best free video editors without watermarks that you can use on Windows/Mac.

  • Let’s find out them in the following list:
  1. VSDC Free Video Editor (Compatible for Windows)

VSDC has long maintained itself at number one on the list of the best free video editors available online. This software can help professional marketers to create product demos or use them as campaigns to educate their audience.

VSDC doesn’t leave a watermark in every video editing, and you’ll be impressed with the quality of the video. This software supports a variety of file formats so that users. That way, you can create free tutorials and post them on different websites online.

  1. OpenShot ( Compatible for Windows and Mac )

Are you looking for a video editor that is both feature-rich and easy to use? If so, this one software can give you the results you want. With this software, creators can seamlessly trim, scale, or resize video clips while mixing audio information with a simple drag & drop tool.

OpenShot does not have multi-cam editing capabilities. Even so, this video editor is equipped with quite a lot of other advanced features that make it suitable for professionals. It includes a 3D animation tool and a chroma-key function. This tool is highly recommended for beginners who want to make videos for social media and YouTube channels.

  1. Lightworks (Compatible for Windows and Mac)

This software is created with many interesting features for its users and has almost all the features of the pro version with only output format limitations.

We can no longer doubt the reputation of Lightworks. For professional-grade video editing software, Lightworks is one of the best in its class. Even more interesting, Lightworks has also been used to edit popular Hollywood films such as The Wolf of Wall Street and Pulp Function and tempted to try?

  1. Shotcuts (Compatible for Windows and Mac)

Shotcut is an open-source video editor that extends its support to various video file formats. One of the great features of Shotcut is its native timeline editing feature that doesn’t require importing projects from the system.

This feature allows the user to perform several intuitive actions among other things like locking waveforms and multitrack to create amazing videos. Various file formats have amazing video/audio effects and variable frame rates. This suite of features can help users to design custom videos easily.

  1. DaVinci Resolve (Compatible for Windows and Mac)

This video editor software is known for its set of professional-level features that are suitable for professional colorists, editors, and video makers. You can mix, edit, record, sweeten and master audio signals with a full 3D audio space while working on 1000 different channels.

DaVinci Resolve can also help you to change lip color, brighten eyes, or smooth skin tone according to your video needs. One of the features of this software is that it allows editors to work with multiple people on the same project at the same time through chat, bin locking, and timing features. DaVinci Resolve is a highly recommended software for professionals with all these impressive features. Using the advanced features in this video editor, such as 4K editing, you must first upgrade to the Pro version.

  1. FlexClip (Compatible for Windows)

Slightly different from the video editors above, FlexClip is an online-based video editor. That way, this video editor software allows creators to produce professional videos without installing an application. As an online video editor, creators can use FlexClip more flexibly as needed.

FlexClip Features

  • Video editor, movie maker & slideshow maker in one product
  • Ready-to-use exclusive templates
  • It is very easy to use
  • Dynamic animated text
  • Media library contains more than 850,000 HD royalty free photos and videos
  • Ready-made video templates

The main advantage of FlexClip is the availability of thousands of video templates, graphic elements and animated text, and ready-to-work stock content. FlexClip also has a Screen Recorder feature that allows creators to record activities on the screen.

This means that creators don’t have to have raw content but can take advantage of the resources available in the FlexClip library. Overall, this FlexClip includes a complete package for a video editor. 


How to choose the free video editor?

All of the courses we need to adjust to the basic needs of users. The six video editors above are equipped with interactive features that allow you to create professional videos. You can download the above series of software for free on their official website. As for FlexClip, you can use it online, without downloading any software.

Suppose you need to compare them in general terms. In that case, VSDC and OpenShot are renowned for their more user-friendly designs due to access to professional-level features but are limited by the primary interface.

Lightworks has an excellent performance with Hollywood-style editing. Unfortunately, the free version has quite limited options. While ShotCut can provide support for various functions and formats that editors need more often. And using FlexClip can help you quickly create videos for a variety of purposes. Whether it’s for marketing or promotion purposes or personal needs on YouTube and social media.

You can test using a free account first to explore the free version of this tool. If you want to use more features, try upgrading to the Basic and Plus versions. Upgrading to both pro versions can be done with an advance monthly payment. After experiencing the pro features and feeling that FlexClip answers your needs for making YouTube videos and more, you can use annual pricing to get a lower price.