6 Best Alternatives to Pipe Drive in 2020: Small Business Special letsaskme

6 Best Alternatives to Pipe Drive in 2020: Small Business Special

Today, we have something very special for all those of you who have courageously and meticulously started your own small business. A small business owner needs to make the most of resources and bandwidth so that he or she can achieve maximum results to scale up the business in the fastest possible manner. This is due to the fact that scaling up the business is one of the topmost priorities for any business owner – small or big. It is even more crucial for small businesses since there are scarce resources and bandwidth at play. The main resources would be time and human resources. 

Navigating those tough to ride social media waves are one of the biggest challenges for the small business owner, especially in the year 2020 where the challenges are consistently growing along with the opportunities to grow. Being a small business owner in this day and age means juggling a whole lot of balls in the air including social media, email marketing, landing pages and information as well as interactions as well. This is where platforms like Pipe Drive come into the picture to help business owners put these balls into the automated mode with marketing automation as well as CRM with email marketing as the focus. This has also prompted the rise of alternatives to Pipe Drive. 

Pipe Drive is one of the better known platforms when it comes to email marketing. It is loaded with a lot of features that can propel your business towards your business goals in terms of reach, engagement and then conversions. With Pipe Drive, the first benefit you get is that you are able to reach out to your ideal audience with creative templates that you can use with minimum work like coding. This takes a lot of pressure off so that you can contrite of fashioning your core message in the right way. An alternative to Pipe Drive would also have to do the same. Yet, at the same time an alternative to Pipe Drive – especially for small businesses – would also have to cater to the small budgets of these upcoming enterprises and businesses. 

There are a number of Pipe Drive alternatives that can help small businesses in terms of support, small budgets and even varied features that can help you manage CRM and marketing automation on a single platform rather than having to adopt many systems and processes. This is important for the simple fact that one would have to be able to get technical support from the platform itself so that the small sales and marketing teams can focus on their core skills for conversions instead of having to dilute their efforts by figuring out the technical details. And of course, this would also have to happen on a budget so that the results can bring in growth rather than higher expenses. 

Let us now cast a glance at the 6 alternatives to Pipe Drive for 2020, for small businesses:

  1. EngageBay: This is easily the best alternative to Pipe Drive since it offers a full range of features in terms of marketing automation and CRM, both embedded together for maximum results. This is exactly what a small business would need – moreover, it all concentrated on a single platform with affordable pricing and constant support from the technical team as well. The features will enable you to channel your efforts towards all the platforms spread out in the digital worlds so that you can set up a presence that truly makes for a great conversion rate. 
  2. MailGet or FormGet: This platform offers you a good Pipe Drive alternative so that you can make use of the features for some great email campaigns. This will help you reach out to your ideal audience in the most efficient manner. With the templates as well as the other features for marketing automation, you will be able to build conversion driving campaigns. Yet, it also leaves a lot to be desired in terms of the pricing and the support that it offers along with the full suite of services. 
  • FreshSales: With Fresh Sales, you get a CRM system that also comes equipped with email marketing as well as other marketing features. Yet, it is not fully loaded in features as far as the marketing automation side goes, and this makes it a little difficult for small businesses to be able to adopt the same. This would basically mean that the small business would have to pay more in order to employ other platforms for other marketing automation efforts and its sales push from other platforms. 
  • Insightly: This is also one of the best Pipe Drive alternatives, yet it is on the expensive side which makes it difficult for a small business to adopt the same and implement it in the right way. Also, the support is not completely there at all times which would scatter the bandwidth of the entire team. 
  • SendinBlue: This is one of the earliest platforms that evolved for email marketing and it has also added some features for marketing automation and CRM as well. Yet, this is not the best platform given its high pricing structure. This comes with templates that need to be coded into place hence the team would need to invest in a technical hand on board so that the framework can be established for better execution of the overall marketing strategy. 
  • Microsoft Dynamics: This Pipe Drive alternative is an offering from Microsoft and it brings Enterprise Resource Planning along with marketing automation. This helps teams in making the most of their resources in order to reach business goals. 

The above analysis shows that EngageBay is definitely the best Pipe Drive alternative in terms of the cost structure as well as its complete suite of features that can be of immense help for small businesses and their teams that would need all the efforts on a single platform.