Gaming Platform In 2022

5 Types Of Gaming Platform In 2022

They understood Metaverse because they predicted and strategized altogether the advancement of the technical world that is going to experience more time before the advancement turns into reality. The fantasy world that the gaming industry has built is now taking another shape of evolution where the coins will be earned from the assets store.  The NFT has structured all the flaws and visions that gaming has. With the help of NFT and Blockchain, the gaming industry will get to a new level of technological magnificence. 

There are many NFT based gaming platforms that are not only just competing but also giving Meta concepts a hard time. In this article, we will be talking about 5 types of gaming platforms in 2022, that you might have already got your hands into. But before starting with it you should know more about the platform. Hence this article. 

5 Types Of Gaming Platform In 2022

These platforms are not the only ones that can show excellence through their presence, they are able to shine as they were the ones to predict this evolution a long time ago. Let’s get into the platforms and know more about it. 

1. Decentraland 

Decentraland is a massive giant platform in the NFT gaming world and a place where gamers can explore the wider community. In this platform, the players are able to create their own scenes, challenges for the future. SDK builts is a contributor that has been accepted by decentraland. The platform has always maintained its reputation which is huge by the way for virtual real estate. 

Decentraland has its own token called MANA with almost 2.6 billion supplies. It is really going to be an NFT gaming platform where the players are allowed to interact in order to earn solid fortunes. Talking about the market capitalization the platform costs 6 million dollars. They are happy with their efficient architecture. The architecture is understandable enough even for beginners. This is considered to be one of the best NFT gaming platforms.  

2. Sandbox 

Sandbox has officially declared itself as the open Metaverse platform where they offer engaging vision in the ALPHA gaming experience. It holds a track record of 15k distribution of NFTs, which is quite consistent for an NFT gaming space in the crypto field. It also has 150k hours of cumulative playing around in the space, with 200k or more ALPHA hub visitors. 

This platform is also known as one of the active firms with enormous social media participants. To compare Twitter alone has 100k participants. 

3. CryptoKitties

Crypto Kitties is labeled as a godfather of the NFTs and it’s a gaming platform, and they are known to play a major role in the development of identity. This platform is a very old and early gaming platform, therefore the NFT  mutation and Crypto Kitties share the same age. It is unlike genesis where CAT was sold for 246 ETH. The highest sold is Dragon for 600 ETH. 

With USD in the market, they made almost 40 million dollars worth of transactions. It was the same even in the early times of the NFT emergence. The Crypto Kitties are more than a competition for all the competitors nowadays because they are focused on their own legacy as they want it to pass it generation by generation. 

4. Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity is an old NFT gaming platform, with a vision to make a metaverse. The platform has Axie where it can be bred or sold. This idea is called the ideation of a fantasy world where the users are allowed to interact with the platform. During the game, the users are allowed to have a chance to win an NFT. Axie infinity has a record that breaks the in-house sale for 3.6million in its own NFT marketplace. 

The platform has its own NFT marketplace, where the gamers don’t rush for any third party for trading their own NFTs from the platform. One single Axie has more than 4,000,000 with 2,800,000 daily active and dedicated players. 

5. Aliens World 

This platform is a parallel verse that holds a cloud-based wallet and is considered as one of the cool ways to earn by playing games. 

This structure is especially characterized by keeping the goal of earning Trillium in mind. The TLM can be earned by playing games consecutively. The game is solving mysteries and the player’s job is to travel across the planet and solve alien missions that he is being given on planets. The concept of the game and things about metaverse actually attracted a lot of gamers and is the best game to earn expectations. 

The games that are mentioned above are better than this one which gives a reasonable comparison to everyone listed out there. 

Wrapping It All Up 

There you go with 5 Types Of Gaming Platform In 2022, along with it we have elaborated that why people are looking forward to these platforms in the new year. 

No one wants to skip a chance they have been given by only playing games, and staying at home, therefore NFT platforms are spreading widely. These platforms are going to be the future of the digital world. 

Leave a comment in the comment section and post your doubts, if you have any.

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