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5 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Your iPhone

Apple comes out with a new edition of their smartphone, called the iPhone, on almost a yearly basis with new features and new apps to try out every time. These smartphones can perform tasks that no one would have thought a phone was capable of doing only just a few decades ago. You may even be avoiding most of what your smartphone can do for you just by now knowing the many capabilities that are possible with it. You can find five things that you can do with your iPhone in the list below that you may not have thought were possible up until now.

1. Opt for a Touchpad

If you have ever been typing something on your iPhone and made a mistake, you know how difficult it can be to try to click exactly on the spot that you made the mistake. You may just decide that you got close enough, and backspace the rest of the way to your mistake. What you did not know, however, is that there is a touchpad hidden right on your iPhone that can help you set your cursor exactly where you want it to be. You only have to hold down the spacebar on the keyboard to get it to work.

2. Change Up Face ID

How frustrating is it for you at night in your room or when you have a hat and sunglasses on and your face ID will not recognize you? You may rely on this all of the time, especially when it is so late and you do not want to think about your password or when it is too bright out to see the screen clearly. You can set up alternative face IDs, however, including images of yourself in the night or images of yourself wearing a variety of accessories to easily unlock your device.

3. Change Up Notifications

Everyone uses either a vibration or a noise in order to receive the notifications on their iPhone. You can, however, receive notifications in a completely different way if you know the right settings to move forward with when setting up your device. This new notification style will simply flash a light a couple of times anytime that you are receiving a phone call or when you receive a text message. You only have to access the accessibility menu, go to the hearing section, and turn on the LED flash setting that allows for this blinking light.

4. Turn on Dark Mode

More and more people are starting to learn about the harmful effects of blue light exposure, and the damage that this exposure can do to your eyes. Apple has not released a blue light feature as of yet, but they have tried to ease eye strain with dark mode. The dark mode gives your eyes a rest by either inverting the display colors or inverting the colors that exist within your iPhone. Now, when setting up your device for the first time, you can request that dark mode is turned on automatically.

5. Edit Siri

This last tip is one that is more commonplace among iPhone users, but it is still a fun one to mention. You can customize Siri in almost any way that you want to, starting with choosing between a male voice or that of a female. You can also choose a variety of different accents as well when setting up your phone ranging from American, South African, Irish, and British to name a few. Even if you want to change the accent at some point, you can easily do so through the Siri and Search menu within settings.

The iPhone is full of endless possibilities so that you can make it your own and can use it for many reasons. Sometimes, however, things go wrong with these smart devices, and individuals are left not knowing what to do. Find iPhone repair Houston that you can trust to bring your phone back to working order so that you can test out these tips for yourself. They can help you in your productivity and can help you to have the phone of your dreams that is truly unique to you.