3 Cases Where IT Staff Augmentation Helps Tremendously

Believe it or not, your current IT staff may not be enough when a really big security threat comes in or when there’s a fatal crash in your system that needs to be fixed right away. And we’re not really saying this to question your executive decision. We’re actually saying this because this is true. We have seen this a lot of times in the past and there were only two choices to make. But before we go to that aspect, let’s first look at what IT staff augmentation is and what it does and who provides these things.

The whole idea of getting additional staff of IT personnel to work on company’s projects has been around the time when the Internet really hit it off. It’s not actually just a thing in the Philippines, it has been like that in other parts of Asia. The whole idea of getting an IT staffing and augmentation company to bolster the ranks of the workforce has even made its way into the global scene where there are different hotspots that are looking for people to contribute to the work at hand.

To hammer the point that augmenting your IT department’s workforce is a good idea, here are 3 cases or situations where it really is a must that you hire a provider who can add more people.

A deadline gone wrong – whether business owners admit it or not there will be cases where deadlines suddenly shift. Count yourself fortunate if it gets pushed back to a later date but more often than not it gets pushed further inward. This railroads every plan that have been made and would also require more people to accomplish more things in a shorter amount of time.

Project took a turn for the worse – this is another example. Imagine having everything running with accuracy and precision that even Hawkeye would be envious. But things go south quickly as one fatal error by one of the members of the team looks to destroy everything you’ve done. Suddenly it’s a race for time to be able to beat the deadline and at the same time catch up with all the loss. It would be a good time to call in an extra pair of hands or two to help out. While you’re at it, would be cool if you can have the erring team member buy coffee for everybody, including the new people coming aboard the project.

The Whole Project gets rebooted – this is the worst scenario that could happen to anybody working on a project for an IT company. The client suddenly deciding to reboot everything from the user interface to the whole look and feel of the finished product. What makes it more hellish is the fact that some of them are not even willing to extend the deadline, thinking that it would be fairly easy to take on all the revisions. Again, calling for extra help with do wonders in this situation.

Think about these things next time you accept new clients. No, you don’t have to get these companies right there and then but it would be good to have some providers at arm’s length in cases like these.