15 New Technologies That Will Become Mainstream Soon

15 Latest Technologies That Will Become Mainstream Soon

Technology has never stood still, it has always been in continuous evolution and progression. Every year, new technologies are introduced and within a blink of an eye, they become mainstream. Technologies that didn’t even seem to be successful in a year gradually became possible with hard work and determination, and ultimately it became mainstream and essential to use. 

If we look back a few years, the smartwatch seemed to be just a prototype, and it wasn’t sure whether it would work or not. But today, smartwatches have become mainstream and are used by almost everyone around the globe. Tech Updated has a vast collection of tech articles that will help you stay connected with these upcoming technologies.  

Here, in this article, we will go through 15 new technologies that are in their very initial stage right now but will become mainstream soon. 

  1. Wearable electronics 

As technology is evolving at a faster pace, we will soon come across wearable electronics such as earbuds or contact lenses, that will be able to connect with your body. We are talking about how these electronics will be able to measure your heartbeat, sugar, etc. 

2. Smart houses

We already have smart appliances and gadgets that can control over light and security systems. The time isn’t far when we will have our entire home unit updated, which will be able to control everything around the place. You can connect your entire home with your phone or smartwatch, and let your house talk to you. 

3. Virtual reality gaming

VR gaming sets are already here, we are talking about Virtual reality gaming headsets that will allow you to watch, play and view anything, anywhere. Be it movies, songs or games – this headset will be your gadget to hold onto.

4. Screenless displays

Screen-less displays are not way far away now. The technology will present you displays without a screen, and holograms will no more be science fiction. There may be contact lenses or glasses that will give you a clear image display within your medium. 

5. Robots

Scientists are continuously working in the robotic field and soon there will be stable and reliable robots that will be able to eliminate manual labor. These robots will even be capable of performing live surgeries whilst being controlled by surgeons. 

6. Smart glasses

Google glasses are voice and motion controlled devices that can display the image directly in the user’s field. But this is just the start. These glasses will evolve in time. 

7. Jet International Pack H202

Jet International Pack H202 will be a great success in the tech field. This hydrogen peroxide fueled jetpacks will let you fly at a height of 250 feet at 77 miles per hour. 

8. Titan Arm

Titan Arm is a strength-enhancing upper-body exoskeleton that will help you in lifting an extra 40 pounds. This will be a great lifesaver for people who have faced arm injuries or strokes. 

9. Cave 2

Cave 2 will provide scientists and artists with a hybrid reality environment to practice their research. Cave 2 will be a wraparound structure comprising of 72 LCD panels, 10 camera motion tracking systems and 20 speaker sound system. 

10. 3D Printed food

3D printing has always been introduced into the world, but it will surely evolve with time. 3D printable food will be introduced for patients who suffer from the inability to sallow, as it would melt when eaten.  

11. Wireless charging

Wireless charging via pads is common nowadays, but within the upcoming years, wireless charging will be done using a magnetic field up to 15 feet away. The energy will be powerful enough to charge up to 40 smart phones and even larger devices. 

12. Energy storing bricks

Red bricks that are used in building houses will be able to store energy in the future. Red pigment in the bricks (iron oxide) has boosted up the process. 

13. Self-healing living concreate

Sand, gel, and bacteria, called living concrete are capable of self-healing and will be able to heal its own cracks and even glow on command. 

14. Internet for everyone

Google is trying to make internet accessible to everyone by launching shoe box sized microsatellites into Earth orbit. 

15. Heart monitoring t-shirt

Sport bands and watches are already working on monitoring your heart rate, sugar and etc., but these heart monitoring t-shirts will be a great change in the tech world. The single lead ECG will be printed into the fabric that will measure your heart rate and display a warning of heart attacks. 

Final Word

Technology is evolving at a faster pace, and it will keep progressing and changing. We believe that the above-mentioned 15 technologies will become mainstream soon and will be a remarkable update in the tech world.