11 iOS Design Resource Sets for App Developers – Learn this year

According to the first quarter of 2021, the app development industry has almost 5 million Android apps. Therefore, Google Play is the biggest app store that’s giving competition to the Apple App Store. The iOS app store is also catching up with almost 4.4 million iOS apps.

The statistic shows that by 2023, the total revenue from the app downloads, in-app purchases, and advertising can reach $935.2 billion. It’s a huge leap that we have witnessed in the last decade. But with the mobile internet connection and almost everyone having a smartphone, the statistic is not so surprising.

Though iOS is the second-leading mobile app store, it will almost comprise more than 5 million apps soon. The app store includes apps for both iPhone and iPad. From the time the technical giant has opened their door of the App Store, iOS app developers are pouring in to grab the lucrative opportunity.

As iOS app development leads to high-paying opportunities, many developers are looking for a head-start. That’s where react native for iOS development plays a significant role. Apart from it, here are some extraordinary iOS design resources that won’t disappoint your learning spirit:

Apple Developer

To learn about the basics of iOS developments faster, Apple Developer is just perfect. The digital study resource comes directly from Apple itself. The contents of Apple Developer revolve around Xcode, Swift, iOS development, various presentations, and programming guides.


LinkedIn’s is also a treasure trove that allows online learning. An interested person or iOS developer of any level can get some incredible courses at their doorstep. So, depending on your expertise, you can learn at your own pace with the easy-to-learn video lectures.

iOS Development With Objective-C

If you are all-in for paid learning, then this online tutorial from Treehouse is here for you. With the iOS Development with Objective-C tutorial, you can advance from one particular part to the next smoothly. The resources will add up in the process opening up the door to learning more.

Stack Overflow

As a beginner in iOS app development, you can join Stack Overflow, the online community. It is an online Q&A community that focuses on programming in general. So, you get to connect with fellow developers. There are code solutions and snippets for resolving regular programming.

Xcode Tutorials From Geeky Lemon

A paid resource like Geeky Lemon is excellent for learning Xcode. The Xcode tutorials will help you learn every step with ease while teaching you an easy way of copying/pasting the codes. You will know everything from necessary coding, creation projects, visual development, and many other things.

Apple Podcast Course: Developing iOS Apps

Stanford’s School of Engineering has designed the free video course. The professor of Computer SciencePaul Hegarty conducts the Apple Podcast course. This is an extremely valuable course available for iOS developers. It goes too deep into the basics of creating iOS apps. Hegarty teaches you to learn about coding using iPhone tools like Xcode, Instruments, Interface Builder, and iPhone APIs. The course also gives insight into the design user interface, manages app memory using touch technologies, etc.

Ray Wenderlich’s Blog

The blog from Ray Webderlich is not only a place with more than 3,000 high-quality online tutorials; it is a community. Newbies can learn about the most challenging topics of iOS app development as well as about new technologies. This blog offers something for everyone with the

Udemy’s iOS 11 & Swift Developer Course

When you are into iOS app development, you must check out the rigorous 34-hour long Udemy course on the topic. The course comprises 250 online lectures and works as a complete toolkit for everyone who wishes to design iOS apps.

With the course, you can learn the basics of Swift 4, Xcode 9, and advanced iOS features. It teaches you cloning of some popular interactive apps like Snapchat, Uber, Instagram, etc.

PluralSight Course On iOS 11 Fundamental

For software developers, PluralSight is like heaven with thousands and thousands of app development courses. It contains over 5,000 courses alone for the iOS platform. You can learn all about iOS 11 fundamentals from it. The courses from PluralSight will help you work with Swift 4 and Xcode 9 to build iOS 11 apps.

The Missing Manual Paperback

The Missing Manual will come to your advantage when you know about Swift and mastered the iOS platform. This book is the one that will prepare you to build an app for the Apple app store. Knowing how to code is not the only thing for developing a successful app.

An app developer should have an understanding of the branding and designing of an app. Also, you must learn about the fundamentals of launching the app and your target audience. Your serious desire to publish a successful iOS app is possible when you have the book to guide you.

Cocoa Design Patterns Paperback

If you want to step into the iOS platform as an app developer, this book conveys lots of information. Though the book first came out in 2009, it is great to understand macOS. However, it is an advanced level book, so you must have basic to intermediate level knowledge about iOS app development. To enhance your existing understanding of the skills, you can’t ignore Cocoa Design Patterns.


When you are developing an iOS app and publishing it on the Apple store, it really feels rewarding. You can be a beginner or seasoned to use the react native for iOS development; it doesn’t matter. An idea and the desire to turn it into reality will help you upgrade your skills when you have the resources. More info here about the react native for ios development.

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11 IOS Design Resource Sets For App Developers – Learn This Year
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11 IOS Design Resource Sets For App Developers – Learn This Year
According to the first quarter of 2021, the app development industry has almost 5 million Android apps. Therefore, Google Play is the biggest app store that’s giving competition to the Apple App Store. The iOS app store is also catching up with almost 4.4 million iOS apps.
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