11 best flutter app development companies in the USA

11 Best Flutter App Development Companies in The USA

The latest information about the flutter tells us that flutter is one of the best and the fastest developing platform which has shown 9% growth in utilization which was 80% in 2019 but now it is 89% in 2021. That is greater when you think about the way that other tech contenders were still or even utilized over a similar time period. Flutter is the 4th most demanding technology and the 3rd most loved by the developers. It comprises a lot of abilities and also the applications developed by using flutter app development look impressive. 

If you need a single codebase for your mobile application or for web application then you should prefer the flutter app development for you your business enterprise and for this, you need to hire a well-organized and experienced flutter app development company.

Flutter is a mobile application development software or platform which is created by Google and of course, it is open-source. It helps in developing applications for both android and iOS platforms with a solitary codebase. As it is a new language in the market but now it is gaining popularity and it is also said that it will excel the React Native app development as it uses Dart as a programming language that is simple to understand and utilize.

Among various Flutter app development companies there are very few companies that are able to persuade the benchmark to be the best that consists of the team of developers devoted towards the flutter app development. As the flutter SDK is the latest technology and also it has not reached that level while the React Native is standing still in the market but the flutter has that potential which can be seen in the development companies. Now let us look for the best suitable and worthy companies for flutter app development.

• Singsys

It is an IT-based company having development agencies in Singapore that beliefs in developing high-end cross-platform mobile applications with the most attractive and instinctive UI. The developers of this company consist of years of experience and have faced many provocations of cross-platform development due to which they are now one of the most highly skilled in converting the widgets in order to develop which is fully responsive.

With their developing experience, they now own the ability to create applications over each and every viable company domain which makes it one of the most admired mobile app development companies in Singapore. It was founded in 2009.

• Brain Mobi

Brain Mobi works on the Flutter framework in order to develop the best mobile application which states that it is a mobile application development company. The development team is extraordinary in their work with their exceptional skills which make them develop applications that are highly effective and functioning. The Brain Mobi company also provides services such as IoT app development, AR, Game Development, and many more.

• Zazz

Zazz has more than 50 million functioning clients for their applications. This organization is situated in Seattle, the USA which provides Android and iOS app development services to their clients. Zazz is an honor conquering Android application development organization in the USA. The organization assembles strong and feature-rich Android applications that connect with clients. In the last four years, the organization has been enlarged by dynamic and client-essentials applications. The organization has developed appealing also the most significant android mobile applications for dominating brands, organizations as well as startups.


PROJEKT202 is one of the leading android mobile application development companies in the USA. PROJEKT202 is the forerunner in experience-driven programming systems, design, and development. The organization manages design investigation for mobile application development, web development as well as software development. PROJEKT202 is situated in Texas, United States.

• Icoderz Solutions

The organization has an innovational and tech acuity Flutter mobile application development team having the capability of developing conventional cross-stage mobile applications. In this way, they are creating in-budget business solutions for their customers. Financially savvy, Eye-Catching and High Performance are the main characteristics that configure the basic mobile applications created by Icoderz Solutions utilizing Google’s Flutter.


XONGO is well-known for providing the best-standardized services that impeccably meet the business benchmark, also careful testing methods, and the most important thing guarantees the application which the user gets is bug-free always. The organization is now among the best flutter app development companies because of its capability to combine the additional extensions inside the flutter app development process. And also they have proficiency in developing widgets that are required according to the project necessity. The organizations have professional developers that value time which motivates them to complete the work before the deadline. The organization has expertise in developing mobile apps, CMS, UI/UX analysis, web development, PHP development, ReactJS development, AngularJS development, and many more.


APPINVENTIV is a flawless Flutter app development company because the applications developed by the company consist of millions of downloads on PlayStore and AppStore. They have the ability to provide astonishing results of your project as they have worked on more than 250 applications which states that they are very much friendly with the projects like yours. The organization also gives services for SMEs and well set-up organizations such as web app development, Android app development, etc.

• Espark Biz

Espark Biz is one of the incredibly famous application development organizations which additionally design applications on Flutter structure alongside others. They also provide services such as E-commerce development, Xamarin app development, and many more. One should collaborate with this organization as it provides the best development services.

• Aalpha

The Aalpha company has provided services for more than 900 clients which include SMEs and new startup businesses. They have worldwide openness that guarantees that your Flutter application development that won’t lack in the newest tech stack and new properties. The organization has created more than 5000 projects so far.

• Posse

Posse is a multi-stage digital design and development organization having a focus on creating the best mobile applications for iOS and Android stages located in New York. It is additionally a Google verified organization having specialization in the Search engines, Internet, Social commerce.

• Rippen Apps

Rippen apps is an organization with having specialization in Flutter app development and also have the passion to create hybrid mobile applications splendid client experience and guarantees that the end-user will get the best rich mobile application with the best user interface. The organization has experience in creating applications for different industries domain in order to help their customers to enlarge their business organization and to grow the ROI. They are having specialties in developing iOS, Android, Native, Hybrid applications, and many more services.