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Why Non-Alcoholic Perfumes Are Best?

The world of perfume is very vast with a wide range of options available for everyone to try. Perfumers working with brands try to launch new fragrances every year to keep the perfume lovers busy with new scents. However, there are always some of the fragrances that often stand out among others and one such popular fragrance range is non-alcoholic fragrances. This particular perfume category is being loved by perfume lovers all around the world due to its exquisite qualities.

Non-alcoholic perfumes have been in trend since ages. Centuries ago when the perfumes came into existence, these were probably the first kind available to humankind. Perfumers back then extracted fragrance composition from the natural ingredients such as aromatic woods, spices, flowers and other things, mixed it in oil and provided them to the elite classes and royals of olden times. Non-alcoholic perfumes were made by following special measures to capture fragrance in oils so that it can last for a very long time.

Even today, several archaeologists have found remnants of these perfumes in excavations conducted in Greece, Egypt and various other locations all around the world. they could smell the scent even today, so you can imagine the level of quality the perfumers form age-old maintained. You can get a similar experience even today with these perfumes, just make sure to choose the right brand. Still wondering why you should try them? Here’s why!

Free Of Artificial Additives:

Almost all the non-alcoholic fragrances are made using natural ingredients. They do not have any chemical-based additives or artificial additives including alcohol. If you are someone who believes in leading an organic life and looking for something, which is fragrant yet safe for you, this is a good option for you to try out. You can switch all your natural deodorants and perfumes with these oil-based scents.

Long-Lasting Fragrance:

All the non-alcoholic fragrances are made using oil as a base instead of alcohol. Since all the regular perfumes have alcohol in their base, they evaporate very quickly. The higher the quantity of alcohol the faster the perfume will evaporate eventually vanishing completely. With these natural perfumes, the oil base gives the fragrance essence something to stick to on your skin. It will create a moisturizing layer on the skin which will capture the perfume essence and will keep it locked. It has a slow rate of evaporation due to this and lasts for hours. A good oil-based perfume can have a lasting for up to 24 hours. You can imagine the outcome. Moreover, due to this high fragrance concentration, you will need a very small quantity which helps the perfume last for very long.

Safe For Skin:

Since alcoholic perfumes have chemicals in them, they can cause rashes on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, you should go ahead with non-alcoholic perfumes only, They have an oil base that is soothing for the skin and have medicinal properties. For people with dry skin, these oil-based fragrances are a boon since they can enjoy long-lasting fragrances and soft well-moisturized skin.

Does Not Have Any Expiry:

Oil-based or non-alcoholic scents do not have an expiry date unlike the usual fragrances available over the counter. They are made with oil-based mixed with natural aromatic ingredients. With such fine quality ingredients, the fragrance will last for years to come. If kept properly, it will not alter in scent or color. Just make sure to keep in cool, dry and dark places to add years to its life.

Relax With Its Aromatherapy:

You can use these non-alcoholic perfumes for aromatherapy as well. Add a few drops into your bathing water and take a bath to stay relaxed for the day. Apply some on your forehead to relief from headache and uneasiness. Add a few drops on your pillow and mattress for a good night’s sleep. Discover your way to relax with oil-based fragrances.

You can buy Non Alcoholic Perfumes for men and women from several brands online as well as offline. Some brands such as Otoori, Nabeel and Baugsons are known for creating some of the finest range of oil-based perfumes. a major section of it is oriental perfumes which are still available in the same form as it was centuries ago for the kings and queens. You can also enjoy the similar fragrance experience with these high-quality perfumes available in your budget online. Buy it now and you will be amazed at the results.