Why Non-alcoholic Perfume Is Best For You?

Perfumers around the world keep on trying out new ways to develop fragrances. They use all kinds of ingredients, natural and chemical to create fine quality fragrances while keeping it in the budget. After using an alcohol base for years, now they tried to use something different, something much more natural and gentle, creating some of the finest arrays of perfumes, the non-alcoholic scents. As the name suggests, these types of perfumes are created by using a non-alcoholic base. It can be distilled water or oil in which perfume essence is mixed for creating the final product.

As Natural As It Can Be: As compared to the alcoholic perfumes, non-alcoholic ones are quite natural. They are free from alcohol and additional chemical-based synthetic fragrances. If you are someone who loves natural products or organic products, this is best for you. It will give you nothing but pure unadulterated fragrance experience that you have never had.

Good For Skin: All the non-alcoholic perfumes are made with oil or water base mixed with perfume essence extracted from natural ingredients. They are very good for your skin. Perfumes that contain alcohol tend to make your skin dry and irritated over a period of time. If you have sensitive skin, it can even cause rashes and redness with a tingling sensation. This is the reason why these perfumes hurt if they are applied on a bruised skin.
You can use non-alcoholic ladies perfume on a daily basis without any hesitation. It will not cause any redness, tingling sensation or rashes even if you have sensitive skin. Moreover, you can even moisturise your skin using these perfumes with oil and water base to feel refreshed whenever you are feeling dull. It can also be used on any part of your body without any side effects. Such non-alcoholic perfumes are ideal for people with dry skin as the perfume adheres to the oil base it has absorbing deep down in your skin.

Free From Unwanted Chemicals: We are surrounded by a lot of chemicals these days. From the floor cleaners to the room fresheners and food preservatives, everything is loaded with chemicals seeping into our skin on a daily basis. If you have the opportunity to move towards a rather organic lifestyle, you should move ahead with it. Non-alcoholic perfumes are free from unwanted chemicals that are often used as fillers in general perfumes used to keep the production cost low. Since they do not contain chemicals, it is good for your senses.

Best For Aromatherapy: Perfumes can be used for various things if they are free from alcohol. They can make your health better, enlighten mood and even make your inner self feel good whenever you are down. Non-alcoholic perfumes are best for aromatherapy as it can be used as an oil or essential oil. You can put in your bathing water, just a couple of drops and enjoy a fragrant bath. It can come in handy after a long day when all you want a good hot bath and relax. If you are finding it difficult to sleep, you can simply spray once or twice on your mattress, spread a clean bedsheet and sleep on it.

The gentle fragrance of the perfume will help in getting that deep goodnight’s sleep. If you want to make your house smell good, spray a little on reed sticks and put them in the corner. You can also add a few drops of perfume in the dispenser allowing it to spread gentle fragrance all around. There are many ways to use a good perfume for aromatherapy, just make sure to use a gentle soft fragrance otherwise it might be too overwhelming.
Lasts Very Long: – Alcoholic perfumes contain an alcohol base which allows them to evaporate at a faster pace. This might sound exciting but the faster evaporation rate also leads to more usage. The faster your perfume will evaporate the more perfume you will have to reapply to end up using the entire bottle of perfume within a month.

However, on the other hand, non-alcoholic perfume is free from alcohol and has a slower evaporation rate. It might not be able to deliver that strong vivid fragrance as soon as you apply the perfume, but the fragrance will be consistent. Once applied, the perfume can last for more than 6-8 hours leading to fewer reapplications and lesser perfume usage. One bottle of non-alcoholic perfume can last for more than 2 months with optimal usage. Various top-selling brands around the world have started selling non-alcoholic Ladies Perfumes Online in India. Hence, if you are looking for one, it can be easily purchased online in India. Try out brands like Otoori, Baug Sons, Creation, and such oriental brands. Grab your desired scent with non-alcoholic variant and enjoy the mind-blowing fragrance like never before.