Why Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

As Audrey Hepburn had rightly mentioned, diamonds make one of the most precious jewellery in today’s market and the most trendy accessory women use in their lives. The most common forms of diamond jewellery are diamond rings, lockets, bracelets and earrings.

Why are diamonds so costly?

Even though diamond is primarily used for show, the price of the same is tremendously high. This is because diamonds are scarce and one of the few elements s which could withstand the evolution of Earth and successfully made its way out from the interiors of the Earth to the surface. Diamonds are often considered as a parameter of wealth, conspicuously consumed by the affluent part of the society.

Why are they so popular?

Diamond ornaments are a must-have for women of all ages, irrespective of marital status. Even though we think about diamond rings and solitaires when we first think about diamond jewellery, diamond necklaces and lockets attain the position of a close second.

The reason behind the popularity of diamond lockets is its flexible characteristic. Women can wear them with dresses as well as pants, salwar suits and ethnic sarees. It delivers a chic look to the wearer and giving a sophisticated edge of modernity.

Diamond caters to superstitious women as well. It is a common belief in astrology that women whose zodiac sign is Virgo or Libra can wear diamonds to bring luck and prosperity in their life.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing diamond jewellery
While making a diamond purchase, you should ensure the ornament checks thoroughly against the 4C diamond quality test. The four key features of a diamond are its carat weight, cut (shape), colour and clarity.

  • Carat weight represents the weight of the stone with which the jewellery is made.
  • Cut, on the other hand, represents the precision of the company manufacturing it. Even though different cuts lead to varying qualities of diamond necklaces and other ornaments, it depends on the buyer’s taste.
  • Diamond colour is an essential factor one should take into consideration while purchasing any diamond jewellery, be it rings or locket sets. Bright diamonds with 100% transparency shows that the diamond is chemically pure and devoid of any mixtures. A yellowish hue reflected from the diamond means that the diamond is somewhat impure, the amount may vary with the intensity of the colour

The red and blue coloured diamonds are the rarest in form. The coloured diamond is costly as well, as one can expect with the price being as high as 2.4 million per carat.

Even though diamond ornaments are very costly and one has to think twice before purchasing it, the benefits outweigh the costs by a long shot. Diamond has longevity of years higher than an average human life itself.

It is an excellent form of investment as well as it diversifies the portfolio of an investor reducing the element of risk and providing stability. Also, diamond has shown a steady appreciation in terms of market value in the past years, ensuring optimal returns on investment. For the women of 21st century, a set of diamond locket is crucial.

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