Top 5 Summer Perfumes For Women That You Must Try In 2022

When we change our outfits according to current fashion trends, why not perfumes. These fragrances help in bringing out the best in you. They enhance your personality and make you stand out. However, all this can be achieved with the right perfume. If you are not sure what perfumes are trending in the summer season this year, here is something to help you.

What Kind Of Scents Is Perfect For Summer?

While wearing the perfume we often do not think if it is suitable for the season. However, this makes all the difference. If your perfume is not suitable for the season, it might not smell nice. For the summer season, prefer to stick to lighter fresh fragrances. Perfumes with a stronger aroma like rich woody notes, and warm notes are ideal for colder months.

Some Ideal Perfume Notes For The Season Are:

Floral notes: Fresh floral aroma that has single floral notes or multiple notes is best. You can try Jasmine, Roses, Gardenia, orange blossom, cherry blossom, lily, waterlily, and magnolia. Some perfumes with these notes are #Dreamer, Chris Adams Dreamz Woman, and Colour Me Flower.

Fresh Aquatic notes: Refreshing notes of citruses and aquatic aroma are also perfect for the summer season. They not only keep you fresh but have an uplifting effect on your senses. Try perfumes with notes of Orange, Lemon, Lime, Bergamot, Ginger, Cardamom, Peppermint, and Mint.

You can also try Water notes of sea salt, waterlily, marine notes, and other water flowers. Perfumes with these are #AquaCool, #Trendsetter, Colour Me Green, New NB Sports, and Chris Adams Active Woman.

Top Trending Summer Perfumes For 2022:

Some of the best perfumes for women in India which you can try for summer are:-

New NB Unbranded VIII EDP: This is an aromatic fragrance by a popular affordable brand. The fresh aroma of petitgrain, lemon, and bergamot adds a refreshing touch. The herby notes of sage, violet, basil, and coriander make it soothing for the senses. And the base with musk, vetiver, and patchouli adds an earthy touch. It is perfect for everyday wear in the summer and monsoon seasons.

Chris Adams Dreamz pink EDP: If you need something floral and romantic, this perfume is best for you. It is an elegant blend of floral and oriental notes. This refreshing perfume opens with zesty lemon and orange. It is followed by soothing floral notes of jasmine and rose. The base is earthy and sensual with sandalwood, vanilla, musk, and patchouli. All these notes make it an ideal summer perfume. You can wear it all day as well as for those romantic moments.

Perfumer’s Club #EternalLove EDP: Enjoy The summer season a little more with the aroma of fresh herbs. #EternalLove brings you the fougere notes of violet with lily and freesia. The tangy surprise of pepper, clove blends well with roses, carnation, and lily of the valley. This perfume is a true delight for the senses with sandalwood and musk.

Colour Me Neon Pink EDP: Give your style a zesty touch with electrifying neon pink perfume by Colour Me. It is sensual, it is herby, and it is super tangy quite like you. This perfume opens with the zest of ginger and mandarin fruit. The aroma of water jasmine and lily follows it. The base has a sensual oriental-like touch with vanilla, ambergris, and musk.

How To Make Your Scent Last All Day In Summer?

Summertime can be difficult for wearing perfumes. Hot weather, high humidity, and sweating can make any perfume evaporate in no time. If you are also worried about your perfume disappearing fast, making some changes can help. A proper application of perfume can take a little of your time but is worth. Always take bath before applying the perfume during the daytime.

This helps in cooling your skin down and removing dirt and bacteria. Follow it by applying a gentle moisturiser. Although you might not need moisturizer in summer, it enhances your perfume.

Another great way to make your scent last all day is layering. It is an incredibly old concept where you layer different perfumes to make a new scent. This can be done using any perfume for girls you like. Whether it is a cheap or branded one, you can use any of them.

However, make sure to use the perfumes in the right sequence. Start by applying the stronger perfume at the base. Follow it by a lighter aroma, keeping the lightest at the top. You can use two or more perfumes for this.

It is not a difficult task for making the perfume last longer in the summertime. You have to ensure that the perfume is of nice quality. Use either EDP or EDT for the longest-lasting aroma. Pick the trending perfumes with summer suitable notes. Layer the perfume properly and keep your skin clean. Doing all these will make your perfume smell vivid and aromatic.