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Tips to Keep your Banarasi Sarees New for Years

Interested in maintaining your favourite Banarasi saree for future wear? Here are some simple techniques to keep your evergreen banarasi looking glamorous. Sarees have long been a necessary piece of fashion attire. Even though fashion has changed significantly due to modernity, sarees have never lost their popularity. Silk sarees, whether in the Banarasi or any other style, have remained popular. They can be made using only silk yarn or a blend of other threads. Our weavers are both traditional and contemporary, creating sarees in traditional styles, a combination of the two, or totally contemporary designs. Whatever the method, sarees have caused excitement among women.

Women of all ages have a strong love for sarees, and even young people are displaying an admirable passion for this elegant garment. Banarasi handloom weaves are making a comeback and are being considered a status symbol. The affection that women have for banarasi saree catalogue becomes stronger every day, but when it comes to caring for it, they get a little confused.

Varanasi is where the beautiful vintage banarasi sarees originate from. The region’s high-end brocades have developed over time and are now a staple in practically every bridal trousseau. The Banarasi weaves are impossible for us to ignore, whether it’s Anushka Sharma’s timeless Sabyasachi ensemble or Aditi Rao Hydari’s fashion choices. As much as we enjoy wearing graceful and stylish outfits, we also need to take care of these lovely things. It’s wise to store your Banarasi weaves carefully in your closet because we might not have any events to attend right now. 

Do you take pride in wearing a Banaras silk saree on special occasions but worry about maintaining it?

Not to fear, SM Creation has developed some incredible advice to lead and assist you in maintaining the lustre and splendour of your banarasi saree for a very long time. Therefore, if you like wearing banarasi sari but are holding back due to this fear, you can now let go and transform your dream into reality. We adore our ancient sarees just as much as you do, and we have some advice for you on how to take care of them.

5 Tips To Take Care of Your Banarasi Sarees

These tips will help you in taking the proper care of your sarees

1. Store the sarees separately

We are careful with our priceless pure banarasi sarees, however, in this case, extra care must be taken. Additionally, it’s crucial to bear in mind that we should preserve them separately rather than in a stack with other sarees made of other materials. The silk fabric can be harmed if they are stored with sarees made of other materials.

2. Dry Cleaning

When it comes to banarasi sarees, hand washing is not an option. The easiest technique to guarantee that your saree is clean and maintained at the same time is to dry clean it. The material might be ruined by detergents.

3. Keep out of the direct sun

Avoid drying the saree in the sun at all costs because the direct heat would fade the fabric and weaken the fabric, which could cause the design to come apart. Avoid drying it in direct sunlight as much as possible. To remove the stains, it is preferable to use a spot treatment.

4. Wrap them in cotton fabric

Because pure banarasi sarees are so delicate, they require special care. Our entire saree can be ruined by a single error. Each saree should be wrapped in cotton or muslin fabric to help keep it safe.

5. Keep Metal Hangers away

Avoid storing the saree on metal hooks since they might corrode and harm banarasi sarees. Their rusting may cause the saree to become permanently stained, which would harm it. Instead, keep an eye out for plastic saree hanging options, which are also readily accessible.


There are many time and effort-saving maintenance solutions available today that may be used to keep sarees looking new and fresh year after year. By following these simple steps, you can treasure your heavy Banarasi sarees and pass them on to the next generation as an inheritance.