Information You Must Know About While Buying Personalized Gifts Online

So, you want to buy a gift for someone, but you couldn’t find what you were looking for. Maybe the store doesn’t have it at the moment, and the next stock arrives later than you need. You go online, search for the item, and behold! You find it! The online store also gives you the option to personalise it, which seems like a good idea. Why wouldn’t it be? If you’re sending the gift to someone special, it would certainly help to add that special touch, letting the other person know you are thinking about them. It could be wonderful if done correctly, but would also be disastrous if done wrong. Here is a list of things you should know before buying personalised gifts online:

Make it special

The entire point of buying customized gifts is to make the recipient feel special. Forget the traditional box with gift wraps and do something new! Wrap your gift in a pretty scarf, or get a uniquely shaped box; perhaps heart-shaped box. You can also request for some extra craftsmanship on the gift wrap.

Make sure the gift reflects you

If it doesn’t remind the recipient of you, there isn’t much benefit buying customized gifts. The person on the other end should be reminded of you every time their eyes fall on the item. But how? Think of a moment, one that is special to the both of you. It could be an inside joke written as a quote, or put together a collage of your moments together.

Plan your gift

Personalised gifts in India still have quite some way to go before they gain acceptance from mainstream audiences. The primary reason is the waiting period. Personalising a gift is a complicated business, and creators usually take weeks, if not days, to complete a project. Due to lack of planning, many people end up buying gifts at the last moment, at which point a personalised gift might arrive a bit too late.
Be sure to check weeks ago, and get the gift delivery scheduled for the occasion, which is an option with many delivery services nowadays. If not, get it delivered early and keep it safely hidden.

Check every detail (multiple times if it helps)

Sometimes it’s a wrong address, other times a misspelt name. Tiny mistakes like these might just spoil the entire fun. Make sure to check the name of the recipient and your personal message, spellcheck it, and get all the details correct. As for larger details, like the right shade for a t-shirt or the exact fit for a pair of shoes, you should contact the seller to ensure they understand your needs and deliver accordingly.

Look for vendors who specialize in personalized products

Big players like Amazon do not provide any personalisation options outside of a printed note. However, individual sellers do, so be sure to keep your eyes open for them. There are many other online vendors like Perfico who specialize in personalised gifts. Their products range from homely to extravagant – blankets to mugs and home decor.

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