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How to take care of your gold jewelry?

Well, gold is surely the most loved metal that has a charm that will never fade away. It is one classic metal that is loved by everyone. You might have a lot of gold pieces or just a few but you need to take good care of your belongings. You will find that it has not taken over the offline sphere but now it has won over online as well as now whatever it is that you want to find, be it 10-gram gold necklace designs or 3 grams rings, you can find it all online.

But when everyone loves to wear gold so much, then the gold will also require some maintenance as well.

How can you take care of your jewelry every day?

If you take good care of your gold jewelry then your gold jewelry will last for a long time. However, if you are wearing gold every day then you need to take these tips in mind to take care of your gold jewelry.

1. Remember to keep it away from scratches:

 Well, gold is a delicate metal that makes it an easy target for dents, scratches etc. So, we would advise you to take care of them such as whenever you are lifting some a heavy object, you should remove your gold rings.

2. Keep your gold away from chlorine:

We all know how chlorine can damage your gold items so we would advise you to keep it away from chlorine as it can even lead to breakage of your gold ornaments. Seema recently brought herself Gold earrings in 5 grams but she makes it a point to remove them before she goes swimming. So, if you like going to swim, it would be better if you do that post removing your gold ornaments.

3. Remove or cover while working with acids:

Now you must be thinking that acid is not even there in your daily life but it is, you might not know that your dishwash soap, the cleaner that you use to clean your tiles, it all has acids. So, either remove your gold jewelry or wear rubber gloves whenever you think of doing such cleaning.

4. Keep your perfumes away:

 You might not know this but your lotions, perfumes, hairspray, etc can all damage your jewelry so it is better that if you get ready, you wear your jewelry in the end so that you can save it from being exposed to such harmful stuff.

5. Take your beloved jewelry off before you step in the shower:

 If you wear jewelry of gold on a =n everyday basis then we would recommend you to take it off before you step in the shower because else it can build a film of soap on it that can affect the way your gold jewelry looks.

6. Schedule a cleaning session for your gold jewelry:

If you are someone who loves wearing gold jewelry then you must also make sure that you schedule the cleaning sessions of your gold jewelry as well as if your jewelry is worn every day, it can get exposed to perspiration, skin oils, makeup, dust, etc. You should clean your gold jewelry with a solution of 10-parts warm water as well as 2-parts dish soap.

So, this is how you can take care of your gold jewelry.