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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Ring

What is the difference between the Wedding Ring and an Engagement Ring? To start with, there are a lot of differences. Most people assume both to be the same and do not give much attention to the wedding ring, as the engagement ring catches all the spotlight.

The engagement ring is a symbol of acceptance of the relationship, commitment, and love towards your partner. But a wedding ring symbolizes loyalty, love, faithfulness and is a symbol of marriage. Wedding rings are sacred and are extremely treasured.

A wedding ring is bought by the couples together for there is no surprise assigned with it. It is more like a practical and sensible decision because it is the most important jewelry that would be worn every single day throughout your life to exhibit your love and values towards your partner.

If you are facing difficulty in choosing the perfect wedding ring, read on below to get your doubts cleared.

·  Start Early – Most of the couples wait until the last minute to buy their wedding ring. The production time is overlooked and fails to give enough time to complete their wedding ring. It takes around 3-4 weeks to get your perfect size. After all, who would want to spend loads of money on a ring that is badly sized and shaped?

Moreover, if your wedding ring is customized, then it sure will take about 5-6 weeks or more. So make sure you plan early to avoid last-minute stress.

It is mostly recommended to start hunting for rings 6 months before the wedding. This way you will have enough options and time to choose your ring.

·  Choose Your Budget

Before you start shopping for your wedding ring, fix your budget. It can help you find the perfect ring at your price. Make sure you allow a little more for the ring, for it is the most important part of your marriage.

If the budget comes in your way to buy the perfect ring, play a little around your ring style and metal. For instance, you can opt for half eternity instead of full eternity. There will also not be any big difference in your ring appearance. Also, it will cost less. Another cost-saving tip, go for white gold, rather than platinum. Both resemble the same and white gold costs less too.

·  Consider Your Lifestyle

This is the most basic part of choosing a wedding ring, but many fail to remember it. The wedding ring is supposed to be worn every day of your life, so one should be sure that it suits their lifestyle.

The wedding ring should be practical but at the same time stylish too. For instance, if you are more of an outdoor person, choose a ring that is tough and strong to withstand outdoor exposures. Consider your metal and style and check with your jewellery dealer before you proceed to buy.

·  Choose Metal

Back in the day, the wedding ring was mostly gold. Today, it is available in platinum, white gold and rose gold. The couples are given more options to select their rings. No matter what metal you choose for the ring, make sure you both have the same metal. The style and design of the ring can be different, but having the same metal makes a special and beautiful bond.

Most of the couples choose wedding ring metals that match the engagement ring. It makes sure that both the rings look perfect and synchronize with each other when worn together.

·  Think Long Term

Be open to styles. Experiment with different styles for it is you that will be wearing the ring for the next 50+ years. Do not take the stress and be open to changes. You can also alter the wedding ring in the future according to the latest trends. So select a ring that would be easy and open to alteration in future years.

·  Consider The Maintenance

Make sure you buy a ring that requires low maintenance. You would be wearing it for a lifetime and regular cleaning will become a pain in future days. A quick wash or just a rub should complete the work. So choose carefully. 

A wedding ring should be chosen such that it is more emphasized in the banquet hall. It is a place of meeting of families and who would not love to boast their wedding ring to their family and friends. It becomes more evident in the banquet halls in Chennai, where the wedding ring steals the day.