Different Types of Necklaces Every Woman Should Know About

Different Types of Necklaces Every Woman Should Know About

The growing jewellery market comes up with new designs every day that sometimes it might get a little difficult to keep track of what is available out there. Every girl loves accessorizing her outfits with her favourite accessory and this love is something that never fades. Some like to keep it funky, bold and unique while others might like to keep it plain, simple and elegant. Among every type of jewellery that is available, one that is most common and is found with every girl is the necklace. They own it in different shapes, sizes and designs and never get tired of flaunting it.

Like everything else, there is so much more than meets the eye. If you were to open up your jewellery box today and take out all the necklaces that you have, you will be amazed to know that all of them have a different name. There are some that you might not have paid heed to and some that you must not have ever heard of. Everyone things that they have a gold necklace set designs but ever thought that there might actually be a name to it? Read on to find out the different types of necklaces that are available in the market and try matching them to what you have in your collection!

·    Chokers – these versatile neckpieces are worn close to the neck in such a way that it envelopes the entire area around it. It adds elegance to the neck region and is gaining fast popularity among the bridal crowd. They can be worn with Indian or western outfits and gives a very edgy feel to the entire look.

·    Sautoir necklace – these long pieces of jewellery are usually made from pearls. They come either with a single or multi rows of pearls. Some even come along with a removable pendant. It has tassels at the end and can be fitted to as per the length you want to wear. It makes a great fashion statement and gives the impression of a scarf around the neck.

·    Bib necklace – this large neckpiece gives a very dramatic look when worn with the right outfit. It is very similar to a choker but is bigger in size and has much more flair to it. It is great for wearing with sarees and comes in either pure gold or gold with some stones on them.

·    Pendant necklace – this is the most common necklace out there and essentially has a pendant hanging from a chain. The pendant is left to hang freely and can slide across the chain. It can be worn with both Indian and western outfits and by all age groups.

·    Opera necklace – for someone who loves drama and sashay, this should be your top pick. They have a charm of their own and vary from 26 to 36 inches in length. It is ideal for parties as it gives a very bold look to any sort of outfit. If you want to wear it short then you can double it around your neck for a more casual or formal look. It truly helps in bringing out your inner diva.

This list is not exhaustive and there is much more out there. Next time when you are looking for diamond rings online, do some research about these things also if it is something that you are interested in and be up to date with all the happenings in the world of fashion. While you are at it, do not forget to share your knowledge with others as well!