Birthday Cake Ideas, guest post

5 birthday cake ideas that make any birthday celebration special

The date and venue for the birthday party are all set. All the guests have been invited, and the decorations are done. But what about the birthday cake? Have you ordered a luscious chocolate cake, or do you want to go for a fresh and crunchy almond cake? The oven-fresh birthday cakes should be alluring enough to please your eyes and fulfil your cravings. 

A birthday cake symbolises the importance of the occasion. It is a way to food, the one that is not only to your gut but also to your soul for some memorable birthday experiences. Appealing birthday cake is what you need to arrange for a birthday marvellously designed cake. Not every time, the same pineapple or the Chocolate Truffle Cake would do the magic. You have to put in some effort to bring out something that astonishes the special person.

Your celebration is on the cards. You have to be well prepared to buy and order a cake online that excites each and everyone at your celebration. Here are a few ideas that would give you sublime explosions of flavours in your mouth. These cakes are unique additions to parties which make them completely ravishing.

Naked cake

Buy a naked birthday cake for your celebrations and grace your birthday with sweet and divine delight. The naked birthday cake is all about decorating it with the flavours of natural blooms and sparklers. 

Despite not having the thick creamy frosting, this birthday cake would definitely be a luxurious way to treat yourself. The naked birthday cake is topped with natural flowers like roses and sparklers to make any event spectacular and dazzling. Order a naked birthday cake online  with the bright floral decoration on the top.

 Ferrero Rocher cake 

The classic blend of milk chocolate and hazelnut can be the highlight of the event. You can have the Ferrero Rocher cake to grace your event and make the birthday even more classic and luscious. There is nothing more tempting than the bite of a Ferrero Rocher chocolate. You can have a whole cake fills with these flavours. Don’t miss out on the chance to tickle the taste buds of your loved ones who always look for a chance to grab a bite of mouth-watering Ferrero rocher chocolate.

Lava cake 

The classic chocolate cake can be made even heavenly with some melted chocolate inside. A lava cake filled with heart melted chocolate would be a fantastic surprise for your loved one. When the birthday person cuts the cake, the melted chocolate that oozes out of the cake would truly make you drool. 

Of course, everyone at the party would want to have a large share of this exquisite cake. You can have some rich cocoa flavoured topping or some colourful sprinkles to decorate the top of the cake. The rest is up to the baker’s skill, who crafts a fantastic lava cake for your loved one’s birthday.


If your loved one is not a die-hard fan of chocolate and always looks for something different to relish, then cheesecake would be a great option to go for. A cheesecake that gives you a creamy yet moist bite would be a thing to enjoy, along with some expensive wine. Cheesecake is the one that melts down into your mouth as soon as your tongue touches it. So be sure to revel in the never-ending taste of this cheesecake. This cheesecake can be drizzled with toffee syrup and would be a perfect birthday cake. 

S’mores cake

Looking for something different for your loved one’s birthday? You always have the marshmallows to give you a punch of a soft yet flavourful treat. S’mores cake can be a classic recipe that combines chewy marshmallows with incessant chocolate charm. Give a spectacular twist to your birthday celebrations with this cake. 

Oozing out with flavours, this crunchy cake is in all ways a thing to crave for. Buy a S’mores cake for your loved ones and give them a dash of marshmallows along with the chocolaty, moist cake. It also has the goodness of buttermilk, real sugar and chocolate cracker crumbs. A single bite of this cake can give you the ride to heaven and back!