In today’s world, while Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu, etc. strive to bring the best TV shows and movies available at one touch, there are also tons of pirated sites coming up, giving away most of the shows and the movies on the other streaming platforms, free of cost, and on multiple devices. One of these platforms is Showbox.

WHAT IS SHOWBOX? An overview of Showbox

Showbox is an Android-based video streaming app that enabled you to look at movies and television shows without charge. It provides each the choices that you just will transfer your movies and television show otherwise you will watch it on-line to avoid downloading. I conjointly use Showbox for looking movies and a few TV shows.

Showbox is one of the many video streaming applications available. It has a wide range of TV shows and movies for the delicacy of its viewers, and all of that absolutely free! It pirates the videos on the different streaming platforms and brings it to its audience in a user-friendly, easily navigable interface.

Showbox users can watch movies online or transfer them to their device for offline viewing, drawing from each peer-to-peer (P2P) and non-P2P sources.

For the foremost half, you’ll be streaming from torrents. Sounds too smart to be true right? That depends on however comfy you’re with an infringement of copyright. Showbox has been termed as the best movie streaming android application of 2017.

A lot of movie freaks are using showbox as there daily source of entertainment. Though, a lot of apps have emerged over a past few years to give a tough competition to showbox some of these movie streaming apps are thopTV, terrarium Tv, TeaTv and much more.

None of these apps, including showbox hosts content on its own servers, they parse the best streaming links for you. Let us see why you should use showbox.

WHY SHOWBOX? – Features of Showbox

So what makes Showbox better from other original/pirated streaming platforms?

  • Showbox gives you the freedom of streaming your favourite videos over multiple devices, be it your android phone, your tablet, PC, and even your Kindle Fire or Mac devices, with well documented workarounds.
  • Showbox is like the free superset that contains all your favourites from Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, etc., collecting them all under a single window. You don’t have to pay for all these sites individually for their ‘original’ content and can simply stream it all on Showbox.
  • You can stream your favourite shows or download them to watch them later while you are offline. Showbox provides you with the ease of offline viewing. It even consumes less data and offline saving mode is just perfect if you want to watch movies and series while travelling.
  • Your viewing is uninterrupted! This means that Showbox doesn’t have any irritating advertisements or pop-ups (which is definitely the editor’s favourite feature), and thus you can have your dose of entertainment on a smooth sail.
  • New content gets updated on the app regularly so you can get the best shows asap.
  • There’s no ‘sign-up’ for the users on Showbox. You just have to launch the application and start streaming your favorite series or movies right away.


Whether or not Showbox is safe is indeed a question to question.You can also watch movies on sites like couchtuner. Showbox is an app that you can’t directly download from the play store; you have to go download the app through third-party sites. Showbox also doesn’t have an ‘official’ website where you can download the app from and thus have to search over lakhs of results on Google search. Finding the correct download link among the heap is a challenge in itself.

Torrents being the primary source of the content available, Showbox is technically illegal. Every video you see on Showbox is pirated content, so if you’re sceptical of piracy, Showbox isn’t the right choice for you.

Also, you wouldn’t be given any assistance from the developers (obviously), and thus have to deal with any bugs that you may encounter on your own.

Therefore, whether or not it’s correct to use Showbox is a question of ethical discrepancy. For as long as you’re fine with a little piracy, and know your device well enough so as to fix any issues you might face while using Showbox, you should be good to go enjoy your free access to unlimited entertainment provided.