Tomba Review 2022 – Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing And More

Tomba Review 2022 – Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing & More is a really useful tool if you need to research new contacts, email addresses, and more. You can either use their extension or domain search on their site. With you can start your reach-out strategy with a whole website of new people pretty fast Finding new leads for your company can be pretty time-consuming. It takes a lot of time and effort. I used to do all my link building from scratch. I would log into a site and bounce around the different pages to find blogs that might need some help, then craft a customized email for them. Yup, it sounds like something that would be really bad to go through, and I wouldn’t want that happening to any other business owners. But then I found and everything just changed. Here are just some of the reasons that have made us realize that is a major force in the content marketing industry: Review In Short is lead gen and email outreach plugin, for helping you optimize your business outreach efforts. Tomba has a really nice, easy-to-use interface:

But it happens to have some other features, too, for example, ___.

  • A email verification tool
  • Bulks Task
  • Lead management
  • API
  • Google sheets & Microsoft excel addons
  • Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera extensions

All in all, we think does its job fairly well. And not only that, you don’t have to take our word for it – try it yourself! Despite the benefits, is free to try and comes with up to 50 searches available for anyone who signs up. Tomba’s pricing can seem a little high for some people, but the great service & support they offer make up for it.

Interface And Navigation keeps things simple and easy to navigate with a sleek but minimalist design. You’ll likely use it mostly to search for emails from a certain organization.

It’s worth reaching out to larger blogs in your niche to secure links, but it can be time-consuming. Use Tomba’s search bar to find the site you’re looking for instantly.

Tomba will give you a list of people that work for the website, along with their job role and pattern for email addresses.

Tomba can split the list of emails into three separate lists – generic, personal, or both. Some people say it’s easier to contact websites like Techcrunch versus smaller sites. That’s because the founder, Michael Arrington, of Techcrunch, will probably let your emails sit in spam. But if you have a specific topic in mind, it’ll be easier to find an editor that suits that. For example, if you want to do a piece on marketing, it’ll be easier to find the right editor than the right content writer.

Tomba has a sleek and user-friendly design. Navigating the app is also easy and you can quickly find what you’re looking for. Some features are even easier to use, as the email verifier: Tomba is very easy to use, so you can get started with it right away. That said, here are some of the pros & cons.

The Features Of Tomba Analyzed

  • Domain Search

We already talked about the email finder in the interface section. You paste a website and it gives you a list of email addresses registered for that domain.

I’ll say some things I like about Tomba’s email finder. Among the other things, the addresses on-screen are verified. Once the export is finished, you can choose to export all the leads/emails in a . CSV file. This makes it super convenient to use. Finally, with the quick links to other Tomba features, you can save a lead after clicking next to their contact information – it’s just that simple.

  • Email Finder

Say you met someone at a networking event and didn’t get their contact info? That’s right can help you with that too.

For example, if you pair it with manual LinkedIn research you can find the perfect people to reach out to and it’s an easy way to find their email addresses.

  • Email Verifier

The email verifier tool is even easier to use. You just have to paste an e-mail address you want to validate: You can also check if an email is being sent to that address by getting a preview of the recipient’s inbox.

  • Bulk Tasks

If you have a lot of emails to deal with, the bulk task feature will help you do checks, searches, and verifications on them.

  • Leads has a customer management dashboard where you can filter and search through the emails of your customers.

That’s not to say it’s complicated either. It’s really just a way for you to keep track of the stuff you’re doing on Tomba, as well as to save email addresses that you find.

  •’s Other Tools

Besides the main dashboard with the features we’ve already explored, also has some other tools you can use to simplify your process for outreach. They aren’t very different from the main tools but they can still, in some cases, make your job easier so let’s talk about them

Tomba For Chrome

The Tomba extension for Chrome lets you search and find any email address when you’re on the go

Tomba For Google Sheets

The Google Sheets app is pretty great too. You can use it to generate emails, and it saves already existing emails you’ve gathered for your project.

  • For Developers

Obviously, Tomba’s easy-to-use features are the big selling point here. But it also offers an API so you can install Tomba on your apps or other devices.

In Conclusion is a wonderful web app that helps you find important information like emails and contact details online. With tools like email verifier, domain search, Tomba can help automate your outreach process with great results! So give a shot – it’s free & the paid plans are on the cheap side, no matter how you choose to buy them.