JBL Charge 4 Review & Specifications

JBL has been creating some epic audio products since a long time now- loud, bass and bulky- this has been the philosophy of JBL. JBL is also running on something called if something is not broke, don’t try to fix it- that’s the exact case with JBL’s Charge 4. The successor of JBL’s previous hit speaker, Charge 3, the newer model, Charge 4 doesn’t get much of the changes and works pretty the same as the old piece. Yes, the sound has been furnished and improved to some extent but is it enough to spend $150 on such little upgrade.

Is it a worthy upgrade to JBL Charge 3? Are the little improvements bringing more change to the device? Let’s check it out in the JBL Charge 4 review below:

Design and Specifications

Honestly coming to the design, it is just like JBL Charge 3. If you keep Charge 4 and Charge 3 together, you will hardly find any difference. The same cylindrical shape, the same woofers- it all is the same. The woofers are exposed just like last time and they don’t even create problems and give some issues- like dust and dirt contaminate the bass- nada! In addition to this you can easily get great discount on electronic devices using Flipkart Sale.

You can find the volume controls, power button, pairing controls and other media controls on the top of the speaker. The device has come with the JBL’s Connect + feature so that you can pair two or more speakers to play in stereo with this one. The other speaker can be of a different company- the best part. At the back, you get the 3.5mm aux, USB-C, and USB-A ports. Which are protected by a big silicone door. The USB port brings new value to the device like you can use the Charge 4 on top of your smartphone and keep your music playing.

The JBL Charge 4 pounces from the sides- it is a directional speaker pumping its sounds from the sides. You might not find it interesting and get disappointed if you are the one looking for a 360-degree sound speaker. But, not to worry, the speaker is pretty loud and clear and can entertain a big room easily with its good bass. Talking about the directional speaker quality, as the speakers produce sounds from the sides only- you might think that putting it vertically will block the sound and bass- but it is not the case with this device. In fact, placing it vertically will give the best bass response rather than placing it horizontally.


We find that the Charge 4 looks just like the Charge 3. But, is the same case in the performance niche? Is it a worthy upgrade? JBL Charge 4 is a big improvement from Charge 3. Sonic performance has got the biggest improvement. Now, it is more balanced and not throwing bass in the air, on every note- it sounds more beautiful now. Last time- with Charge 3- it was all about bass, but this time it is more balanced with bass. The highs come out strong and clear with no shrilling notes, the music never gets over the vocals, the strings can be heard equally and that’s something you will enjoy if you are an avid audiophile. The mids are incredible which lets the vocals rule- loud, soothing and crystal clear.

The JBL Charge 4 is a waterproof piece which plays with the resolution of the product turning it to decent only. For a medium sized room, the music can set the floors on fire easily even at half volume. If you are the one, who likes to do beach party at exotic places, then these might come in handy and playing it at high volume will make the party rocking anytime. The speaker is IP7X rated which means it is water resistant, splash proof, and dust resistant too.

Talking about the battery, JBL claims that Charge 4 can provide you 20 hours of battery life on a single charge. So, if you are having a big party from late evening to early morning, this powerhouse speaker might come in handy even at a half charge. But, if you are playing the music at high volume, then some hours might cut off. Moreover, if you are looking for a technical officer job then it could be the best chance to try it.

Final Verdict

The JBL Charge 4 doesn’t come up with many major changes if compared to its last model i.e Charge 3. But, it is an incredible product when it comes to sound, build quality and battery. Coming at only $150, you won’t get a better speaker than this. Yeah, you will get much better if you tend to spend more. The device doesn’t offer a 360-degree sound which some people won’t like and if you are one of them, then JBL Pulse 3 looks like a good deal for you. But, the battery life is something you must negotiate to get 360-degree sound. All said and done, if you can compromise the 360-degrees sound and the bulky design, then this is a must buy a product which comes in $150 only.