DesignCap Review - An Online Graphic Design Tool Worth Trying

DesignCap Review – An Online Graphic Design Tool Worth Trying

There are many online graphic design tools on the market. Some are free, some charge a fee for their services. In this article, we examine one of the online graphic design tools called DesignCap. Let’s see how efficient users are in meeting their demands.

Online Graphic Design site DesignCap

DesignCap is a online graphic design software for all types and sizes of commercial or personal jobs. It is created to help them easily and quickly prepare attractive and professional-looking posters and brochures. It allows you to use programs with expensive price tags for your graphic design jobs or to make your graphic designs without having to work with a graphic designer.

With DesignCap, designing and creating professional graphics are significantly reduced, and the entire process is greatly accelerated. The software offers users a wide range of graphic and flyer templates that they can easily customize and develop with items such as photos, fonts, colors, and more.

How to Start Graphic Design with DesignCap

First, you need to register on their website. You can choose three ways to register. The first way is to sign up through your Facebook account. To log in with your Facebook account, click on the “Sign-up with Facebook” tab and fill in your Facebook login information. The second way is to sign up through your Google account. Click “Sign-Up with Google” and go into the required information. The third way is to create a new account with your email address in DesignCap. All you have to do to create a new account is your e-mail address and a new password.

Once you have registered and logged into your DesignCap account, you will see several options, such as your organization and roles. You can choose your organization and functions, and if you’re a student or blogger, you’ll see options on the same page. After finished all the steps, you will receive a confirmation email for the email address you registered with. Just click on the confirmation button, and start using DesignCap.

Key Features and Benefits of DesignCap

An Online Tool

Graphic design software and similar systems take up a lot of space and resources, which means you must have a large storage capacity and a powerful computer to run them. On the other hand, DesignCap is an online platform that does not require you to install software on the system. You do not have to worry about not having enough storage space on your computer or slowing it. 

User-Friendly Graphic Design Program

DesignCap does not have a steep learning curve that the individual or team must pass to learn entirely. It is an easy-to-use platform where even novice users will learn the basics of graphic design created in just a few minutes. All you need is a short time to meet the platform. You will then be able to prepare posters and flyers like a professional designer.

Extensive Editing and Customization Tools

DesignCap offers a rich set of editing tools and customizable items that you can use to create posters/banners or flyers that are fully tailored for your business. You can adjust the font size, add images and logos, and use your company’s colors and more, so you have full control of how your posters and flyers look precisely.

Who Can Use DesignCap?

DesignCap is ideal for the following users:

  • Users who want to announce their activities by preparing attractive and persuasive posters and flyers to reach a broad audience;
  • Professionals who need posters and brochures for social media cover photos or E-book covers;
  • Students and teachers who want to create interesting posters and flyers for their presentations.

DesignCap Pricing

DesignCap is relatively inexpensive to work with professional designers. Although the basic plan is free, there are affordable package options for more designs and templates. There are three plans you can have right now:

1. A free plan.

2. A monthly cost of $ 8.99 (and $ 59.88 per year).

3. A plan that costs $ 12.99 per month (and $ 71.88 per year).

Pros and Cons of DesignCap

There is no such thing as a “perfect vehicle.”

There are many online graphic design websites on the web where anyone can register for free and create great designs. And there are reasons why a person chooses a particular one. Although DesignCap offers the basic plan for free with limited templates and downloads, it’s a good option, but there are some pros and cons to note.

It competes with websites like Canva, DesignBold, and Crello. It offers the same features with different features and more options. Canva is an old and popular name in the market, while DesignCap is a new name in this field.

As for the basic features, all sites look the same, but Canva and DesignBold stand out at a higher level. Canva offers gif and mp4 options, while DesignBold gives you access to 40 million stock images and unlimited storage. Choosing the best tool can be difficult, but looking for a more advanced graphic design website. You can go to Canva or DesignBold, or DesignCap can be the perfect choice if you are looking for an excellent, comfortable, and low-budget tool.


DesignCap has several options to choose from for your design. It is easy to use even if you have never worked on the graphic design before. It saves time and is relatively inexpensive than the designer who works for your company or the freelancer you work for your projects.

DesignCap is equally useful for both students and entrepreneurs. In a few minutes, you can create stunning and engaging posters, YouTube thumbnails, Facebook Cover, Logos, Invitation Cards, even on the go.

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