Why Investors Invest In Lahore Smart City Only?
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Why Investors Invest in Lahore Smart City Only?

In the majestic and historic city of Lahore, Pakistan’s second humongous smart city has launched with all its grandeur and glorious vibes. It has been named “Lahore Smart City.” It is a brand new project in the real estate industry with innovative, technical, and strategic tools for urban development.

The task of Lahore Smart city will act as a pedestal in uplifting the standards of urbanization in the Capital city of Punjab. We all know that Lahore is the fulcrum of residential, textile, education, health, and many other industries. The construction and building industries are also flourishing in the vicinity of Lahore in full swing.

Lahore Smart city is one of the premium and flickering projects depicting the natural face of the construction industry of Pakistan. It is one of those projects that have perfectly amalgamated the updated technology with the construction industry. In a metropolitan city like Lahore, the development of the residential project, Lahore Smart City, has opened up elite ways of residential opportunities.

Lahore Smart City has expected to inaugurate new ribbons of action in the residential industries. The constructors of these iconic projects have already acclaimed that the success story of Lahore Smart City initiated with the occupancy of 20,000 kanals, with ultra-modern dispensing of infra-structure and developmental structures.

The most significant feature here is that Lahore Smart City has got approval from Lahore Development Authority and is authorized and legalized. Each piece of land owned by Lahore Smart City is entirely legal with no fraudulent activity and land-ownership problems. Well, we all know the importance of every aspect which is related to land and plot ownership.

But you will be free from all the worries if you get all your bookings done by our REAL ESTATE agency.  The name of the residential colony itself depicts that it is a Smart city with thoughtful amenities, facilities, and utilities. It is an ideal project with a supreme location in the heart of Lahore with adjacent posh residential areas.

Lahore Smart City is the ideal residential city to live in, with the availability of almost all the check-listed boxes desired in this age of technology as Lahore Smart City is an enormous living project with eco-friendly and budget-oriented allocation plots.

The significant potential benefits in getting your schemes booked at Lahore Smart City will instigate a bundle of happiness and satisfaction for your upcoming residential projects. The developers of this project have opened the gates of Lahore Smart City for both genuine buyers, investors, and stake-holding pursuits.


There is no specific information regarding the master plan of Lahore Smart City. But this prestigious project will launch multiple schemes of plots that will assist every class of society in purchasing their dreamland. The developers have instituted the pre-booking of five categories of properties sold on a first-come, first-get basis. It includes 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plot. Similar to Capital Smart City, LSC also has incorporated various districts into their project. This district will aid the investors in getting their desired location much conveniently.

The distribution of these districts with the availability of multiple facilities has dispersed over the entire housing scheme. The residential project has also categorized one block for overseas Pakistanis, and a particular channel of booking has also opened up for them. These online and telephonic channels will allow them to book their plots while sitting abroad. Another specialty in this block is that it provides some elite-class amenities that will satisfy the demands of foreign Pakistanis. A separate block and district in this mesmerizing smart city will give them the right atmosphere.


The master planner of Lahore Smart City inhibits the most renowned name of the construction industry. It comprises of Future Development holdings Privately limited. This cooperation has gained immense popularity due to its exemplary quality professional projects and highly demanded business managerial activities. FDL has penetrated its name in the history of the real estate industry by equipping its customers with some unique, innovative, ultra-modern, and pacifying residential and commercial projects.

The extensive network of FDLH has referred to them as one of the most trustworthy names in the hearts of its investors. The outline of their objectives in the perspectives of Lahore Smart City revolves around attaining the most significant experiences of urbanization and sustainability with no proficient planning strategies. The architectural feature of the map and location of Lahore Smart City are extremely classy that FDLH has linked up the housing scheme with almost all the primary high ways that lead to big cities of Pakistan.

Lahore bypass, ring road, Lahore-Sialkot Motorway, and main roads linking to central city connect to Lahore Smart City. Another peculiarity that FDHL holds is that it provides a reliable platform for international investors to entertain their investment with standards meeting the global market. The construction of these Smart cities has proven to be a powerful tool in uplifting a stalwart metropolitan city with ultra-modern urban trends and summit-level faculties.

  • Lahore Smart City-Location:

Here comes the most critical point while selecting for real estate property. One of the most crucial aspects before deciding which colony will be suitable for your residency is location. An intelligent buyer or investor always considers this factor by keeping an eye on the future. Fortunately, Lahore Smart City has successfully achieved all the parameters of a suitable location for the residential project. The pet area of this housing colony lies near Kala Shah Kaku in the vicinity of Lahore bypass. Although, this location is perfect for pollution-free air with a serene and comfortable environment.

As LSC has reserved one huge block for overseas Pakistanis, it is an excellent place for them to avail themselves as it fulfills all the features of an incredible housing scheme. Furthermore, the interlinking ring road will allow the resident to reach the city center with no hustle and bustle. Hence, Lahore Smart City offers you a complete package given a lavish and enticing location.


The categorization of the blocks or districts of Lahore Smart City has also been achieved smartly. They have laid the society according to nationality holdings of residents. Well, it is one of the best ideas for furnishing the respective citizen with their required facilities. The fluctuation in the prices according to the provision of facilities will be easier for the customers to analyze. Here is a brief overview of the various districts of Lahore Smart City.

  1. Overseas Block:

As the name indicates, this block has specified for overseas Pakistanis and foreigners. One of the distinct features of the Lahore Smart City is that they have launched a separate partnership for overseas Pakistanis. The step is taken first time in the real estate history of Pakistan. This block is a classic example of international standards of living with high living standards and posh facilities.

The variety of plots, residential, commercial villas, apartments, and shops, have made it apt for every overseas Pakistani to get their scheme booked here in Lahore Smart City. The enticing infrastructure and advance construction with perfect incorporation of high-end utilities. This block’s residents will furnish almost all the luxurious facilities, including carpeted roads, serene, eco-friendly environment, restaurants, hospitals, educational institutes, shopping centers, and much more.

  1. General block:

The civilians or residents of Pakistan who desired to get their dream project accomplished in Lahore Smart City will get their plots booked in this lavish yet accommodative block. The unique feature of this block is that it will provide you with budget-friendly stories and open up many affordable options for you. The purpose behind the low payment plan of the general block is to allow the middle-class people of the society to avail this opportunity.

The primary demand, along with all lavish facilities, will provide to the residents of this block. The provision of electricity, gas pipelines, clean drinking water, sewerage system, greenery, and all other requisites of life have been fulfilled in this general district of Lahore Smart city. Another attractive fact is that the tinge of brilliant facilities in this block will make you feel in the real world with elite class accommodates.

  1. Executive Block:

The executive block of Lahore Smart City is also exemplary in its infrastructure and construction units. The widespread network of carpeted roads passing through the housing plots, apartments along with green eco-friendly will leave you spellbound with the magical world of LSC. This block has been designed for defining the upper-class folks of the society.

It comprises plots ranging from 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, to 1 Kanal. Hence this block also offers you a wide variety. The major throwback is that apartments will make the whole scenario turned into a modern lifestyle. Families looking for affordable yet well-furnished and sound-constructed apartments can book in advance at Lahore Smart City. Hence, this block is also ideal for living.

  1. Sports district:

This residential project has a sports block that has specified for various sports activities. It comprises extensive stadiums, playgrounds, cricket, and basketball court. The development of the sports district has all been meant to promote a healthy lifestyle among the residents of Lahore Smart City. The community has intended to develop a gym with separate working areas for males and females.

The development of the swimming lounge along with other health activities will penetrate this block. The collection of this sports arena will blow healthy air among people and influence other sedentary people to have a proper place for exercising gaming, and other sports activities.

  1. Health care block:

The iconic project of Lahore Smart City has also introduced all the primary health care facilities under the roof of the health district. In this block, a huge hospital with the provision of 500 beds will be available. Moreover, the staff with high qualifications and professionalism will also infer the patients and concerning person.

The block will equip few unique residencies of doctors, nurses, and commercial projects to make a wholesome block available for investors. The commercial projects developed in this block comprise markets, shops, pharmacies, and many other basic and advanced level facilities.

  1. Valley of Silicon

This valley of Silicon has specified in Lahore Smart City for all business activities, including the mega projects of plazas, and all technical works will accomplish in this zone. The placement of warehouses, software houses, and all the units required to maintain the intelligent vibe of the Lahore Smart City will install in this sector.

  1. Square of finance:

The square of finance in Lahore Smart City consists of central buildings comprised of banks, offices, monetary and official buildings. The five-star restaurants/ hotels, conference halls, and exhibition centers will also display in this block. Precisely talking this block is the ultimate solution to all the trading and business queries for the investors of LSC.

  1. Block of Education:

As we all know, education is the chief contributor to uplifting nations. Keeping in view the importance of this asset, the developers of Lahore Smart City have introduced education in their residential projects. It comprises of high standard educational institutes. Among these institutions are universities, schools, colleges, and training institutes. Additionally, the residential building will be equipped with teachers, professors, and students. The approach of other blocks to the educational district is also more straightforward.

Payment plan:

Lahore is one of the most affordable cities globally, so Lahore Smart City has also maintained that vibe. The illuminating factor in payment plans of Lahore Smart City is that they have an easy installment plan and have a wide variety of plots that allow the investor to choose easily. Well, it’s good to avail the opportunity on a first-come, first, get basis as the sale increases, the rates also goes high.

In the pre-launch period, the average price of the various plot is approximately 18 lacs, and then it appreciated to 22 lacs after the short sale of properties. Further details related to payment play will soon reveal, so keep visiting our site.