Is Coliving Space In Bangalore Safe For All?
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Is Coliving Space in Bangalore Safe for all?

Do you feel hesitant before renting a coliving space in Bangalore? Nowadays, Coliving is a popular trend in metropolitan cities but still, a lot of people are unable to accept it due to their misconceptions related to safety concerns. 

Many young people are shifting to Coliving Spaces to embrace community living and other unlimited benefits that come along with it. Having concerns is natural but we will free you from all the concerns right away. 

Professional Hosts:

Professional hosts like to have a hierarchy with accountability standards and performance. Landlords’ actions may be intrusive sometimes but it’s not the same with professional hosts. You will always be greeted in a respectful manner by the professional hosts taking care of the rental coliving property. They like to maintain a business-like relationship, unlike landlords. 

Coliving is a legitimate business. If you call for any kind of query, you will be assisted very patiently and professionally. Sometimes, your interests do not match with the landlord’s but when you are living in a coliving space, you will not have any interest-related conflicts. Professional hosts are trustworthy because their behavior represents the company’s reputation. And they won’t want to destroy their employment by misbehaving with the residents. 

High-level Security:

Not just millennials but young families and retired people seeking community living also rent co-living spaces. Therefore, high-level security is needed not only to prevent robberies but also to prevent any accident within the rental coliving property. There are biometric security systems installed inside the coliving spaces along with CCTVs on each floor, entrance and elevator. 

These technology-friendly security systems are very helpful and provide property and residents protection. Besides, one can easily deter crimes in or around the coliving space through CCTVs. A sense of security is needed in order to sleep peacefully at night in a rental coliving property. To deal with the security issues effectively, it is necessary to have high security in the coliving premises. And fortunately, most of the coliving spaces offer high-level security within the monthly rent.

Community Support:

From programmers to designers, doctors, architects and students, you can meet people from diverse professional backgrounds in coliving spaces. You can interact with entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, life coaches, consultants and other like-minded people. 

The community has a good mindset and introduces new values in your way of living life. You will receive the utmost encouragement, support and motivation from your fellow residents. A sense of belonging is achieved as soon as you enter the coliving property. If you need any kind of help, be it in shifting stuff or in finishing some office project, you can ask any of your housemates without any hesitation.

Emergency Response Team:

Most of the living spaces in Bangalore have an Emergency Response Team or Incident Response Team. This team is responsible to assist in case of any natural disaster, security threats, medical emergency, or any other potential disruptions. The aim of ERT is to ensure a safe and smooth living environment for all the residents. It also makes sure that there is a minimum casualty in case of any accident.

The Emergency Response Team ensures fewer injuries and tries to maintain continuity in the operations within the coliving property. It has a proper emergency plan for every type of emergency possible. The team is hyperactive and super quick. It has a clear set of rules, instructions, and responsibilities which play a vital role in case of emergency. It can do anything to save you from any trouble. Your safety is promised in all the coliving spaces.

Home-Like Welcome:

Coliving Spaces in Bangalore are properly ventilated and so lively to live in. One can easily live for a longer period of time. The acceptance, love, support and encouragement you receive from the co-living residents is very intoxicating. You are not questioned about your religion, financial status, caste, origin, etc. You are simply welcomed after a few formalities and documentation.

There is communal harmony, sufficient privacy, unlimited amenities and invaluable networking opportunities available in the Coliving Spaces. The common areas and open community kitchens are the places where many new friendships begin. You will be looking forward to having interaction with the lovely residents of the coliving space every day. From sharing common areas to sharing clothes, the journey from co-residents to friends is absolutely cherishable. 

Tips to Confirm Your Safety in any Coliving Property:

  • Talking to the currently residing tenants will give you an idea of how safe the property is.
  • Read the review from the website of the coliving space you want to rent.
  • Read the lease agreement carefully and thoroughly to avoid any misunderstandings later.
  • Knowing your rights as a tenant will also help you in getting a good coliving space.
  • Talk to the landlord or the property manager to understand his/her behaviour.
  • Have a good look at the property before you decide to rent. 
  • Ask them the safety and security precautions they follow in the coliving property