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A guide to house numbers in Australia

Choosing your house numbers is only half the battle, you then have to consider things like where are you going to mount them, how are you going to attach them, and how do you care for them after the fact? We are going to help you with these issues here. 

Where to Place House Numbers

This is one of the hardest things to consider when you get new house numbers. Should they be placed on the front of the house? Should they be placed in a letterbox? Should they be placed on a post? These are all a few things to keep in mind. Letterbox numbers may be easier for some than placing them on your home. 

Say that you have a home that is very far from the road, a home that has a great deal of foliage that may obscure the view of your house, or you have a winding driveway that makes it hard to see the home from the road. Attaching your house numbers to the letterbox itself or to the post that your box is set on can help make the numbers very visible and can eliminate the need to try and figure out how to make them visible from your hard-to-see house. 

How to Attach House Numbers

Depending on where you place your numbers, you may have more than one option to affix them. If you are placing the number on a surface that can be drilled or tapped, you can always use screws or rivets to help affix your numbers. This is great if you are putting your numbers on a wooden post, directly on the house, or on brickwork

For this method, you first want to drill a small pilot hole. This is going to make it easier to put the screw in without damaging the mounting surface. You then want to add your fastener plugs to help make sure the screw stays in place, then proceed with attaching the number. This is going to help you make sure that your numbers are not going to go anywhere and that they are going to stay right where they need to stay. 

You can also use liquid nails to glue your numbers up. This is not the best option if you have a surface that is bumpy or lumpy or that is not perfectly smooth. With gluing, you want to make sure the surface is completely clean and dry, apply your glue as per the instructions on the package, then affix your numbers. 

Cleaning Brass House Numbers

Say you have chosen a gorgeous set of brass numbers that complete the look of your house. These numbers have been hung for a while and they are starting to look a little worse for wear. Brass numbers tend to rust and tend to turn color when they are exposed to the elements. To keep them looking great, use a very fine grade steel wool to help remove any surface build-up then apply a thin layer of brass polish or car polish. 

No matter what numbers you choose, it is always a great idea to make sure you are fully prepared and that you know how to mount them, where to mount them, and how to care for them after the fact. There are some gorgeous house numbers out there and we offer a range of colors and sizes for you to choose from.  We can help you choose house numbers that are going to be easy to care for, easy to use, and gorgeous to boot, come see what we have to offer today.