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Why AT&T is The fastest mobile network in the US?

What is AT&T?

AT&T which is an American multinational company is the largest telecommunication of the world that provides mobile phone services and fixed telephone services in the United States. Its origin can be traced back to the Bell Telephone Company which was originally founded by the scientist Alexander Graham Bell.

Present Overview of the Wireless Network Service Providers in the U.S:

Verizon has been on the top of the list of the best mobile phone network services in the United States so far for the last five years, while AT&T has snatched the top position of Verizon recently to become the best service provider and unlock the fast network.

All this while, Verizon’s LTE services left behind all other network services of the United States to provide its users the fastest and high-speed network. The year 2019 demands the time for 5G networks for the users but for most customers whose areas don’t offer the high speed for 5G, LTE would be the savior till then. As a result, the Verizon LTE appeared to be the preferred network services among the customers for its high-speed data services that helped in fastest downloads and uploads. The result has been derived after research done on the 30 cities of the United States for the past 1 year. The LTE networks were tested with unlocking the Samsung Galaxy phones as I phones use different modems based on the different carriers in order to guarantee an equal playing field.

The present position of AT&T

All these while, AT&T couldn’t grab the top position of the services of the mobile network of the United States but 2019 appears to be creating a different scenario for the multinational company of mobile network service provider.

AT&T which was at the second position of the US network service provider’s list recently gained its topmost position edging out the past 5 year’s top service provider, Verizon. It is majorly due to the fact that AT&T focussed on its LTE services, improving it for the technology of 5G. Since the United States has been witnessing a major change in 2019 in terms of the network service provider with the advent of the 5G network in the country.

Lately, AT&T has acknowledged itself to be the first carrier of the 5G network in the United States to the extent to the speed of gigabytes. It has called itself to be the fastest wireless network to unlock in the country.

However, the statement has been supported by the third party network tester Ookla which confirmed that AT&T has improved its network speed by 15 percent over the last three months of early 2019.

AT&T has concentrated on the advancement of the 5G network which is currently twice the speed of the LTE services and is the major feature for its present success. However, the company operating in the United State have acknowledged their plan of combining both the 5G as well as LTE network to bring in a single network in the market in the later part of the year. The entire tests of the network services which brought out the fact of the improvement in AT&T data speed were conducted in the Samsung phones that had to unlock network speed delivered across the U.S presently.

Studies have found that unlock Samsung phone has some of the best features that are well-suited with all carriers of mobile networks.

Although, studies conducted on the various mobile network services of the country revealed that each of them has improved from before but AT&T has upgraded way more than the rest, grabbing the highest position unlocking the top network services in the United States. It has managed to be the winner or at least at the equal level in 15 out of the 30 cities in which the survey was directed. Finally, it outreached Verizon to be the fastest mobile network of the United States in 2019. For more information, you