Main Causes of Blocked Drains

Main Causes of Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are big conveniences for homeowners or tenants. Not sure there’s a blocked drain on the premises? The water drains slower than usual in sinks to showers and levels rise when flushed and see an overflow in the gully. You may also notice a foul smell coming from the sewers since water’s held up. skills from plumbers are handy once a blockage occurs. Find someone who diagnoses problems quickly and properly.

Here are the biggest reasons people have problems with clogged drains.


When washing fatty greases of dishes, they drain down the pipe. Grease accumulates over time and as a result, you will experience a blockage. Don’t pour any nasty liquids down a sink drain. Greasy substances become cool and solid and can cost hundreds of damages down the line.


During the end of Autumn leaves falls off of trees towards gutters and into drains resulting in blocked drains. It is important everything that falls of the trees are cleaned away from drains and thrown into the trash. Tree roots are the main source of blocked drains. Roots are attracted to moisture and will move towards the drain which carries the wastewater. Tree roots have enough force to crack the PVC pipes wide open and will get into the wastewater. When this happens, the drains are obstructed from the roots and create a blocked drain.

Foreign Items

Foreign items soap and jewelry don’t belong sinks, this can accumulate over time causing a blocked drain. Hair also gets drained a lot from everyone and surprising can cause a blockage down the line. The only item that can be flushed is toilet paper. Everything else, including sanitary items, go in the bin.

If you know by now you have a blocked drain don’t attempt to clean the drain yourself and call a drain cleaning service. Blocked Drain Specialists are your local drain cleaners.