Is pre-wedding photo shoot better than wedding ones?

A pre-wedding photo shoot is done a few months before the wedding. The concept of pre-wedding photoshoot is still considered by many as a waste of money and as an unnecessary expense. While some think it as one of the important aspects to capture some beautiful moments before the actual wedding.

The Wedding photoshoot is done during the wedding occasion. This covers the moments around the wedding time. Wedding photos are taken from the start of the marriage functions covering all the rituals involving the couple and the family members, relatives, and friends.

Pre-wedding photoshoot and wedding photoshoot are two different concepts involving the same couple. Many elders and even couples getting married think that pre-wedding should not be done as the wedding has not taken place between the couples. Taking photos of the boy and the girl together before marriage is not proper and if for any reason the marriage does not happen, the pre-wedding photos will remain forever and might bring in unwanted complications for the boy and the girl.

There is always a gap between the pre-wedding photoshoot and the actual photoshoot. The main persons involved in these photoshoots are the couples and the photographer. It is important that the three of them must have a good rapport with each other to have good photos.

During a pre-wedding photoshoot, the couple and the photographer come to know about each other and this helps to capture good images during the wedding. The expectation of the couple and photographer can be freely exchanged during a pre-wedding photoshoot as the photoshoot involves only a few persons.

Personal ideas and expectations can be freely exchanged and this will help the photographer to capture beautiful pictures as per the expectations of the couple. The photographer will also be familiar with all the family members of the groom and bridegroom.

The photographer will come to know about the expectations of the couple and the other family members and will be able to capture all the best moments when he knows every member of the couple. The omission of any member of the marriage party can be avoided because of the familiarity which might otherwise cause unwanted problems during the marriage time.

Wedding photoshoot happens inside the four walls of a building and it mostly captures the rituals of a marriage. Personal photos will not be possible during the marriage hours as the hall will be filled with guests and there will be no time for the couple to pose for personal photos. Wedding photoshoot involves the couple and the family while pre-wedding photoshoot is for the couple alone.

No intimate moments for the future are possible during a wedding while any number of personal moments can be captured during the pre-wedding photoshoot.

Marriages are normally held traditionally as per the wish of the family elders and there will not be much chance for any new concept during a wedding program. While during a shoot any new concept can be used to capture the images in a traditional or in a modern style. Any type of experiment can be done in a pre-wedding shoot and the most suited concept can be used for the wedding.