Interior Design Trends to Watch for in 2019

New decor ideas, as well as comebacks, define the interior design trends of 2019. With the year bringing in fantastic decor trends, you can renovate your home or office with oodles of confidence!

Whether it’s about the ceilings, furniture, lighting or utility items, giving them a makeover or replacing them with more viable options is key to maintaining decor. This way you’d most certainly create a beautiful home or an impressive workplace.

While wanting to make the most of your space for your entire lifetime, it’s essential that you consider the most sought-after interior design trends of the year. Generally, the degrees of usefulness, aesthetic appeal and cost-effectiveness determine the popularity of the interior decor styles.

Here are 5 interior design trends to watch for in 2019:

  1. Statement Ceilings – Making a loud buzz with this year’s interior design styles, statement ceilings can transform rooms completely. A statement ceiling creates a fascinating visual impact by making a room look big and bright. It also adds that “little something” if it’s missing from a well-decorated room.

While ceilings with colourful prints and expressively painted patterns beautify any room of your home, those with graphic patterns certainly impress clients at your workplace.

So, statement ceilings with their engaging designs are impossible to dismiss, unlike ordinary ceilings. Most importantly, they make any space feel truly memorable in no time!

  • Vintage Lighting – A significant and intrinsic part of any decor, lighting certainly improves the aesthetics of a room and the way you feel about it. This year, vintage lighting is the rage. Apt designs of vintage lights not only provide task illumination but also serve as decorative elements, highlighting several design elements (e.g. artwork) of a space.

Adding an age-old appeal to your interiors, the vintage lights you should watch for this year are vintage pendants and sconces. Beautifully finished in brass and copper, these old-style charms work just like candlelight would have done long, long ago.

We can truly refer to vintage lighting as fusion lighting, i.e. a fine blend of the olden concept and the present-day electricity. So, you don’t need to live in an ancestral type of home to add vintage lights to your interior.

  • Curved Furnishings – Looking for major curve appeal? The retro-inspired trend of curved furnishings is back in vogue this year. This shapely trend is returning to tabletops, seating, cabinets, utility benches and even rugs, adding a feminine appeal to the overall decor. How about a crimson velvet-like sofa lending an otherwise masculine living room a much-needed feeling of sensuality?

An intriguing 2019 interior design trend, you ought to consider bringing curved furnishings into your house. Embrace the well-formed, soft and rounded shapes, and take a break from the straight-lined furnishings.

Curves are creating a great impression in workplaces also.  Curved workstations are transforming the office areas from standard to avant-garde, thus presenting the image of an innovative brand.

  • Canopy Beds – If you’re seeking out ultimate comfort and sophistication for your bedroom, the recent comeback of canopy beds will certainly work wonders for you. Once favoured by royal families and also a 90s rage, these four-poster decorative beds are now again in vogue, what with their slim silhouettes fitting comfortably in just about any room without occupying excess space.

Given the fact that our lives today are so uncertain, the canopy beds provide the much-needed feelings of security and relaxation. Truly  similar to a comforting oasis, these beds also create a romantic sensation, arousing the most wondrous dreams in our minds!  

Today, canopy beds are available in several shapes and sizes so that everybody can afford them and hence enhance the home decor.

  • LED Mirrors – How about putting on makeup or shaving while seeing yourself in apt lighting? Yes, it’s possible with a lighted mirror. The new trend of LED mirrors is a simple, inexpensive and clever solution to your daily needs. 

With their innovative and sleek designs, you can use the LED mirrors in any room of your house. These well-lit mirrors work most effectively in bathrooms with some of them creating a sunlight-like feel throughout the day.

LED mirrors also find good use in salons, and inside the office and hotel bathrooms.


So, now you know which interior design trends to watch for this year. It certainly takes careful thinking and deep involvement while updating your interiors. Just as you can’t afford to neglect your garage door repair, taking proper care of your home or office interior decor is equally important.

Choose from among the intriguing trends of 2019 and create the loveliest interiors you’d ever dreamt of.