Here are a few major benefits of having a CCTV system in your premises

CCTV systems are controversial these days due to privacy concerns always present on the background. However, controversial as it can be, CCTV systems have become a needed requirement in most companies large or small. Though a needed requirement for all companies it is particularly relevant for small companies where investments significant and risks can be higher. Small companies are all the time at risk because of their relatively unorganised process and simpler systems,and this excludes these businesses from the corporatised systems of large enterprises or companies.

Small companies frequently hiretemporary students or are situated in theperipheries, which is not ideal for businesses,having as a consequence an onslaught of robberies, theft, burglary, as well as other crimes.  Therefore, throughout commercial premises or small-scale corporate properties it is vital to implement integrated safety and security solutions. And this is precisely where small company CCTV security cameras actually play a key role in running a company.

The most efficientmethod to do this is to implement CCTV cameras within selected areas of the premises.  Even though the systems are put in place as a precautionary gesture against buglers and thieves, they work too in order to increase the productivity of your employees. The ‘Big Brother’ scenery as some like to call it actually prevents workers from doing nonsense or wondering about in office hours and promotes work ethics. CCTV cameras may be implemented at the top of large rooms or at the corners. However, the imagery they will pick up will really depend on the actual quality and the angle of the camera. Just the knowledge andbeing aware that the CCTV cameras are there, which will clearly depict their appearance and face keeping watch over them,will discourage potential offenders or criminals from acting.

Advantages of havinga CCTV system in place

The below are the main reasons for implementing CCTV systems and the main benefits of having them:

1. Prevent internal as well as external robbery

Every businessmanunderstands that they must protect themselves as well as their company from preventable damage from both outside and inside factors; inside being personnelrobbery and external can be from burglary, theft or dangerous neighbours. More than thirty three per cent of all companies actually go bankrupt because ofinternal worker theft and the rest do incur inenormous losses.

In such cases installing CCTV cameras and surveillance systems in place eliminates a blind spot, monitorspersonnel, and stamps out worker theft or property damage even before it actually happens.

2. Preventing crime

CCTV systemsact as the ideal deterrents against potential criminals, as thieves are much less likely to break into your place if they can get caught on camera. This is a key factor for a small company, which is seen as an easy target by such individuals looking for an opportunity. Security measures in these cases take extra care and aim to cover black spots to give one hundred per cent and24/7 security.

3. Collecting evidence

Although the CCTV system deters most criminals, a few take the chance and can end up being caught by the camera. You can find such footage easily on YouTube or Google. Apart from clogging up the online landscape with their mischief, CCTV camera footage also serves as an excellent tool for evidence gathering. These tapes are solid evidence and can help in solving crimes by giving inputwhen it comes to the criminals’ technique.

4. Security of the staff

Protecting your staff is as important as safeguarding your assets. CCTV systems encouragea proper behaviour and can help avoid complications due to worker violence or even outside intruders.

5. When the area of surveillance is private and sensitive

Every company has areas on their premisesthat can have sensitive or special information, which you donot want everyone to access; for banks, for instance, it is their locker rooms, and for other small companies, other areas such as the cash register. The installation of CCTV systems in such locations can discourage anyone from accessing these locations and protects your assets and secrets.

Trade secrets are an essential part of the company, it is what actually sets them apart from their competitors and if this were to be leaked it would prove detrimental to the entire business whether it’s large or small.

6. Ensuring client satisfaction

A satisfied client is a happy client, and several happy clients means business will be good. However, you cannot be there at all times to monitor your staff. A CCTV system enables you to keep track remotely and when this is not actually possible, you can see recorded tapes to see their performance.This helps you with the necessary steps and a better service quality. Make sure you check the actual laws and regulations in your local area when it comes to recording employees and common areas of your premises.

7. Protecting yourself against lawsuits of false liability

According to some, people are often trying to take advantage of other individuals.  This is very common with false lawsuits. CCTV recordings can help you prove your perspective and avoid these claims. However, lawyers usually advise their clients to wait around six months before filing claims. This is just because most surveillance CCTV footage is usually stored for about 4-6 months after which it is removed or destroyed along with all the evidence against them. So it might be smart to keep lifetime storage of CCTV recordings so that you can utilise it whenever is needed. Once again, make sure you check the actual laws and regulations in your local area when it comes to keeping recordings for more than 6 months.

Leaving aside the obvious security benefits, there are economic benefits too. CCTV security systems are supposed to last “forever”, so small companies can easily find CCTV cameras that fit within their budget. Nowadays, small company security cameras are a needed tool we should at least consider.