Forgetting About Lead Gen Means Giving up on Growth

Buying weak leaks from a questionable source? What is the worst that could happen? New York city state broker Nathan Horne almost figured it out.

Not unlike thousands of professionals in his industry who collectively spent $10.5 billion on advertising in 2017, his employer, The Corcoran Group, invested in branding instead of generating leads strategically. So, when Horne called someone who according to him was a hot lead, he was met with the surprise of his life. Instead of a potential buyer, the lead turned out to be a police detective who made disguised threats about having a gun and being willing to use it.

Fortunately for Horne, he was let go with just a warning from the police officer. As it turns out, there is a whole underground world of companies that specialize in providing leads. However, those who are in broker business, like Horne, have discovered that these leads are poor and the companies also occasionally dabble in illegal activities such as lead dilution, acquiring leads through shady means, or, like in Horne’s case, provide fake leads that can lead to irritated recipients.

Horne was able to learn a valuable lesson through this ordeal—if your company lacks successful lead generation, the future of your business is at risk. Moreover, it will also render your team hesitant to connect to an untested lead.

You need lead generation in order to grow your business

So many companies fall prey to the situation where they are unable to focus on their lead generation.

Why is that?

When starting an organization, the founders focus on their own networks first. Ultimately, they tap out these personal networks and refuse to move beyond them. The founders focus on the everyday operations and neglect to introduce new prospects to their businesses. Bringing the notion of organized lead generation results in a statement saying “we are not ready for that”.

While it might seem strange to outsiders, it is very common, especially among lifestyle businesses that are large enough to allow their owners to prosper. Those types of organizations were not created with scaling as the chief prospect, infect, they were created to provide an income to the entrepreneurial C-suite folks. No wonder many of these commercial businesses shut down as soon as the founders retire.

Of course, some of these companies zealously declare their plans to expand, however, they are often found not following a wise map. Many of these companies bring salespeople from outside to make cold calls. This way, for obvious reasons, is not proper for lead generation. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s always a tough way to scale.

So what is the best way to generate leads? Hire salespeople that are amazing and boost what they naturally do through a content-driven lead-generation protocol. If your company lacks this kind of commitment, it does not matter if you are an exciting organization with a lot of potential, you might never be able to achieve revenue goals, frustrate good sales professionals, and not be able to close deals due to lack of appointments.

Congratulations! Your new lead-generation policy begins tomorrow

To escape falling behind your competition, you would be required to make lead gen a priority by developing an in-depth content marketing campaign. When you constantly create and disseminate content, the risk of scrambling for prospective buyers lowers significantly.

Consistency is the key to better results. According to Orbit Media, nearly half of bloggers who put their time and sweat into blogging do make money.  HubSpot seconded adding that busy blogs with at least 16 posts a month can expect traffic to triple, compared to their dormant blogging counterparts.

Here are the rules:

  1. Go to your customers: The key is to understand your target audience. Research your clients in order to understand what they want, what they read, how does their thought process work, and where do they go when they are not buying your products or services.

Once you figure out all of this, you could drive content accordingly. At the same time figure out what your company’s salespersons and customer service personnel are being asked. It will help you turn their answers into content topics. The more research you conduct regarding your clients, the better your lead generation service plan be.

This should be an ongoing task, however, you can plan on about 30 days to get a head start. In order for the information to get used innovatively, you need to evaluate the feedback thoroughly. Survey Monkey, the popular survey website, did the same thing where it sent out surveys to users to make its brand more attractive.

      2.  Devise your attack plan: You need to write down your plan of action regarding content      

creation on a piece of paper or Google Docs. Just as starting a business without a    

roadmap is a bad idea, jumping into speaking engagements, blogging, eBooks,  

webinars, or any other content production without any forethought might turn out to be a

disaster. What your plan looks like depends on what you discover.

      3.  Share your trade secrets: Do not get worried at the thought of sharing your expertise. It  

is not like you know the secret recipe of Coca Cola after all. You are required to deliver               

value through your content. If you are not doing that, you are just sending out sales pitch.    

Instead of treating your readers, listeners, or viewers like robot, you need to include

some insight through your content.

This approach will help you humanize your efforts and will help in having an emotional               

investment by your audience. Moreover, it will help you set up your content creators as thought leaders.   

    4.  Create accountability for maximum results: You would want to measure your success

to figure out how your lead generation service is working. What better way to do it than developing a service-level agreement (SLA) between the sales and marketing department? An SLA defines each team’s role in sharing while ensuring that important information does not get lost in translation.

spreadsheets and can be monitored routinely.

If you are wondering if the time is right to adopt this type of lead gen venture? The answer is yes. The faster you get to work, the faster you receive those golden results.