Close Your Eyes And Feel Your Inner Power Through Yoga Practices

Finding your inner strength through yoga

There are lots of talks about Yoga being a personality developer science. On the streets of Yoga, you will be astonished to see how calmly people are embracing spiritual beauty. The ancient science is a peaceful exercise but the way it has empowered generations is really noteworthy. In the ancient era, scholars and sages have a long history of spiritual transformation. Coming to the modern time, Swami Vivekananda, Paramhansa Yogananda, Jaggi Vasudev, etc. have taken Yoga to a new height. Also, there is a long list of celebrities and leaders such as Katy Perry, Jennifer Aniston, Adam Levine, etc. who have been inspired hugely by Yoga. All these personalities have talked about the impact of Yoga on their inner self. Many have admitted how ancient philosophy helped them come out being even stronger.

The beauty of darkness

Darkness – what does this word mean to you? Most probably a word of negative connotation! Let me tell you one beautiful thing – darkness is the beginning of elegance. There is no existence of light without the mention of shadow. Both are complementary to each other. You might be wondering why I am discussing so much about darkness. Well, the fact is the delight of Yoga takes a leap with darkness and concludes at the point of scintillation. Dhyana or concentration is the most important aspect of Yoga. At every step, the utter level of focus is required to succeed in the field. Closing the eyes, you may not be able to see anything of the physical world but a clear picture of your soul can be witnessed.

In the Himalayas, in India and Nepal, you can find a number of yogis who are in search of the truest meaning of life. All of them practice by closing their eyes. Why? Because they know, there are the rays of light at the end of the tunnel. Buddha, one of the greatest yogis of all time got his knowledge and power in darkness (in closed eyes).

Understand yourself with Yoga

Mirror defines Yoga in the finest fashion. The way a mirror reflects the exact picture of an object and a person standing in front of it, Yoga creates an honest portrait of your personality. Meditation is the best way to know about you, according to many Yoga masters across the globe. It is a practice of being utterly tranquil. It is all about entering the zone of complete silence where there is nobody but you and the soul being watched by God. The feeling of residing in the vicinity of meditational force is called bliss. Since you are able to scan through your soul, there is enough time to better the outlook. According to Yoga, every human is born with special talents. It is just a matter of how perfectly one realizes this truth. Self-confidence also comes into play.

One of the major points of focus in 200 hours Yoga teacher training in India is the realization of students’ own potential. Unless one is internally strong, there is no way he/she is going to emerge as an influential human being. Let the world come behind you and learn the art of getting stronger by practicing Yoga in astonishing weather. Wake up early in the morning, sit in the garden and shut the peepers down to engage in the soulful practice of Yoga. You’ll surely spend the day in joy and elation.

Yoga practices for enjoying the inner strength

Let’s discuss some of the yogic exercises that are great while closing the eyes. These are some of the most effective asanas when it comes to offering inner power to the practitioner. You need to enjoy these if you are looking to stay strong and confident.

●       Padmasana: Padmasana is a sitting Yoga exercise that is extremely beneficial for bettering the mental focus. To practice the asana, sit on the mat in the cross-legged position with the spine straight. Keep the chest open while placing the wrists on the knees. Close your eyes and experience the movement of the body particles. Let everything become a mere spectator to what your actions are. This exercise will take you to the embrace of opportunities where you see yourself as a powerful creature.

●       Pranayama: Controlling your breath is an awesome way to enhance your self-belief. Enjoy the blissfulness of the flow of pranic energy throughout the body parts. Pranayama is about energizing the whole body and mind so that you remain refreshed all through the working hours. This yogic practice is related to the art of constant inhaling and exhaling. Begin your day by infusing the fragrance of serene mornings into the body while falling in love with the beauty of Pranayama.

●       Mantra Yoga: Where do you feel the safest? Obviously in the vicinity of your parents, for they are the ones who care for you the most. Mantras are also associated with the creator, the ultimate power. Remembering and reciting the name of Shiva gives one immense power to fight all forms of injustices on the planet. The spiritual and magical sound of OM is all about instilling a sense of positivity in oneself. It is also about being secure in the lap of the creator.

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