Providing Better Personal Hygiene and Cleaning

Bidets: A Way of Providing Better Personal Hygiene and Cleaning

What is your first reaction to the word “bidet?” If a feeling of discomfort overtakes you then we must say that you have fallen under the prejudice about this bathroom fixture. Sure, first bidets in medieval France resembled torture devices but modern bidets are nothing like their ancestors. In fact, their popularity in Japan, Muslim countries and more and more Western countries make you wonder: why is the bidet so populate today? Apart from saving the planet by decreasing the use of toilet paper, using a bidet has a direct impact on your health and hygiene.

For healthy people…

One of the biggest fallacies about the bidet is the fact that only people who are ill use them. This simply untrue because most bidet users are healthy people like you or me who want to improve their personal hygiene. If you are tired of using toilet paper every time you go to the bathroom, then you will adore the principle a bidet based upon.

A stream of warm water cleans your bottom and provides friction while you use nothing but your hands to clean yourself. If you think this process in unsanitary, we should remind you that you are going to wash your hands anyway so why not use them for wiping. After all, skin to skin is much more pleasant than skin to rough to toilet paper.

Those with sensitive skin

Speaking of the feeling of pleasance, for some people this sensation is not a thing of luxury but a necessity. People with sensitive skin and those who have hemorrhoids problems could not imagine their life without a bidet. No matter how soft toilet paper is, water is several times better when it comes to rubbing it against your skin. For people with sensitive skin, a bidet is a difference between pain and comfort every time they need to use the toilet.

Benefits for pregnant women and seniors

Women who have recently given birth can experience a change in the irritability of their skin. This is especially noticeable in the private area that no longer finds paper soft as before. That is why a bidet can help alleviate a lot of pain. Furthermore, pregnant women find it harder to turn while sitting on a conventional toilet bowl. They hate to make lateral hip motions to reach the toilet paper holder and wipe themselves, which can prove painful during pregnancy. A bidet is far easier to use in terms of mobility.

Although pregnant women swear by the bidet, the benefits of using a bidet do not end there. Seniors are another group of people who gain a lot from installing a bidet in their bathroom. They have mobility issue because their joints (the hip joint, for example) do not function as they used to. Their families are forced to place them into retirement homes where they get assistance when going to the bathroom. This might be embarrassing for some so they actively seek ways to regain back their independence. A bidet could be the bathroom fixture that spells freedom regained for many people in their third age.

An improvement in the home budget

Apart from increasing your hygiene standards, it is no small factor that a bidet does not require the use of toilet paper. Have you ever added up how much you spend on toilet paper each year? Depending on the size of your family, this amount can reach hundreds of dollars on a yearly basis. Switching to a bidet means that you get to keep this money and could invest it in something more important, like your children’s college education. Once you get rid of toilet paper, the only paper inside your house will be kitchen towel and perhaps copy paper.

Saving the planet

Last but not least, a bidet helps actively protect the environment. By making the investment into improving your personal hygiene, you are actually helping save the planet. As you already might now, paper is made from wood so trees need to be fallen down in order for you to enjoy the luxury of using toilet paper.

Timber needs to be transported to processing plants and then shipped by sea to your local supermarket, which leaves a huge impact on the environment. A bidet, on the other side, uses nothing but a few liters of water; the consumption of which will hardly be noticeable on the monthly utility bill.

A bidet is a bathroom fixture that has few downsides to it. It will help protect the environment, saves you money, and most importantly, it helps you stay healthy by improving your personal hygiene. The method of cleaning is such that it wipes your private parts entirely so there is little to no chance of getting infected. This cannot be said for toilet paper which simply does not possess the same power of cleaning as running water.

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