7 Most Effective Ways to Increase Brain Power in Kids

7 Most Effective Ways to Increase Brain Power in Kids

According to scientists, a kid’s brain develops rapidly in the first 7 years of their life. When a baby is born, she has 100 billion neurons in her brain. But they are not wired together. It is important to form neural connections through brain stimulation; else the neurons may die. Good parenting includes providing the right brain-stimulating environment to kids to help wire her brain in a positive and rich manner.

The following ways are effective in increasing brain power in kids.

Brain exercises

Play games that stimulate your kid’s mind. Crossword puzzles, card games, checkers, Sudoku, spotting differences in identical pictures, word jumbles, building blocks, jigsaw puzzles, math puzzles, word jumbles, and others are some of the best brain-stimulating activities in the world. Choose games that help to develop concentration, reasoning and problem-solving skills, strategizing skills, and teach a kid to be patient and composed. Apart from exercises, you can also follow a rich diet plan. You can buy health-oriented food items using Diet Direct coupon.


Digitalization may have put the habit of reading printed books at the backseat, but the skill of reading can never lose its charm and benefits. It is better to let your kid handle a printed book then read from kindle or e-book.

Reading improves attention span, increases memory, and builds vocabulary. It also creates a deeper bond between you and your child, as you schedule reading sessions daily. Make sure the books are colorful and full of pictures. The brain is more visual. Images also add an element of fun to the activity.


Yes, this releases happy hormones, which help the brain! It makes your child feel safe and secure, happy and loved. All these emotions play a positive role in wiring the brain.

Engaging your kid in varied activities

Don’t let your kid be confined in the home or neighborhood, or (as it is increasingly happening) give your kid a smartphone for hours together.

Take the child out. Visit the local library. Go to museums, concerts, cultural events, amusement parks, and other such fun activities. Create story-telling sessions at home or attend one. All these activities act as brain stimulators. They help in the positive development of a kid’s mind.

Feeding the brain with nutrition

The brain needs nutrition and needs plenty of water. Make sure your kid stays hydrated. Include almonds, whole grains, berries, peanuts, walnuts, dark leafy greens, yogurt, and other such foods in your kid’s menu.

Do not keep junk food stacked in the refrigerator or cabinets. Your kid will form a habit of grabbing a bag of chips or cookies every now and then. Once they develop a taste for processed food, it becomes hard to make them eat healthy food. Keep junk food for occasional treats.In case your kid has a nutritional deficiency for some reason, consult your doctor and start supplementing her diet without delay before it affects her brain development. The store deals with supplements and nutrition.

Listening to music or engaging in any form of art

Music and rhythm play a significant role in brain wiring. Observe your kid’s interest and let her engage in whatever art form she loves. It could be painting, drawing, sketching, playing the piano or drums, crafts, and more. Do not suppress her artistic instinct, if you want your child to excel in academics. A study shows that kids involved in extracurricular activities display better neural processing and enhanced academic results.

Engaging in outdoor activities

In the era of smartphones, video games, and tablets, it is difficult to keep your kid engaged in sports and outdoor activities. However, a lot depends on the parents. If they fail to encourage their kids to participate in some form of sports or physical activity and simply hand over a smartphone in the little hands, should you blame the kid for a dull brain?

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