7 Modern Baby Shower Themes Ideas For Stylish Mom in 2019

Baby showers have come a long way from pinks and blues, generic games, such as guessing the baby’s name, birth-date, and measuring the mommy’s tummy with toilet paper. Baby showers have changed, especially after blogs, Instagram posts, and Pinterest started to look into it. Nowadays, over-the-top themes are implemented for coordinating decorations, foods, and favors. Read along to find out more.

  1. Something Rock:

No, this is not about rocks, but the genre of music. Music is undoubtedly best to have in any kind of gathering, and what’s more, you should incorporate it into the various aspects of the baby shower that you are throwing. Now each person has quite a different taste in music, and hence all you can do is play different songs in hopes of making everyone comfortable. Or better yet, you may opt for musical notes, something that can be treated as background noise, but not a distracting and an unpleasant one. Hit the right rock music!

  1. Candy Land:

A baby shower has games and presents that you have to look forward to, not to mention the pleasant social interaction, especially for the mother-to-be. However, what is more, important in this list is the food, however. You’ll have to pour a lot of thinking in deciding the menu. And that’s when basing the theme of the shower on food comes in. What is better than having candies – or something equally sweet – for the menu? It will look really colorful if you think of arranging it around the venue.

  1. Luxurious Lullabies:

Luxury is something you can obviously afford for one day at least. This baby shower is going to be equivalent to a Kardashian/Jenner style shower. There will be flowers everywhere, gifts that will be fit for a prince or princess, and decorations that will exceed your guests’ expectations. You will have to look into such details that your guests will be in awe with your dedication and the efforts you have put in.

  1. Flower Power Baby Shower:

This is the theme that is most easily execution. All you have to do is combine flowers with brightly colored balloons, and you are all set.  Either has the shower inside, or you can also have it outdoors on your lawn. This will probably be the easiest for you, decorating the venue, and arranging everything according to the theme!

  1. Beauty and the Beast:

If you have a loving obsession with Beauty and the Beast, then this one is right for you! Decorate the tables in garden cloches, tea envelope party favors as well as a spread of sandwiches and decadent desserts. You can have cake delivery to Germany, and make sure that the cake is in tune with the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ theme. Place a frozen rose in the middle of the food table, and cover it with a glass container. It will probably be the best representation of the theme!

  1. Vintage Chic:

A vintage chic theme is certainly one to be considered seriously. DIY, thrifting, and frugality is something a mother-to-be would probably love to indulge in. The ones who are throwing the party can come together, hitting up antique stores around the city. You know why? There will be a lot of ornate picture frames, spools of burlap and lace, strands of pearls for you to choose from. Everything will come together if you just know what to bring together for the shower. order balloon online, some which will give a vintage feel!

  1. Unicorns and Rainbows:

You can obviously never go wrong with unicorns and all the fantastical things that are associated with it. Colorful unicorns, with their celestial uniqueness, and rainbows with their worldwide appeal, would become a beautiful theme for your baby shower! Make a rainbow with flowers, have a golden horn on the sweets and treats, and whatever you can, in order to give it that unique feel.

To help you get started, these are some of the best and modern baby shower themes, decorations and ideas to celebrate the mother-to-be and her child. These design ideas are sure to help you in planning the most perfect baby shower party!