6 Modern Ways to Reuse Your Old Flower Bouquet

If you don’t want to throw those pretty blooms in that dirty trash can, then this list is for you! Given below are the easiest and certainly modern ways of reusing those flowers you were initially going to throw away. Don’t do it; read along.

1. Homemade Potpourri:

Potpourri is a unique concoction of dried petals, which spreads a subtle, sweet smelling scent in the room it is kept in.  Roses, lavender, geraniums are the most preferred flowers, and once these are doused in some essential oils – especially which are appealing to you – they emit a real heavenly scent. If you prefer homemade potpourri over purchased one, then it will be easier than you expected. First of all, send flowers today and have them dried up. After removing the petals from the flowers and drying them, mix them with spices, fragrant woods, and essential oils. The display will be highly aromatic and equally pleasant. Give it a try.

2. Flower Card:

Using flowers for greeting cards is a thing quite unheard of. However, we assure you, it looks really good, even beautiful. You can make cards for birthdays, anniversaries, success stories and what not. Your near and dear one would love how much thought you have put in it, and hey, you didn’t have to throw the wilted flowers away. Instead of having to send roses online, craft out a greeting card out of the flowers – it will look really good. All you need for this little DIY project is those blooms, glue, and card. Make sure that the paper is heavy – 250 GSM will do – so that the flowers hold on and don’t fall off. You have got yourself a masterpiece right there!

3. Make Rosewater:

Rosewater would specifically need roses, but once you get it, it is really a piece of cake. Read up the procedure, collecting the ingredients accordingly. Once you are done, you will have to make sure to store your rose water in the fridge, so that it gives you extra refreshing experience. Rosewater is quite beneficial, and making one with your own hands will make you proud!

4. Make Homemade Perfume:

Making perfume sounds so impossible – unless you know the procedure. This will be like preserving the fragrance for many weeks, even more than the flowers usually would survive. You will need a dozen of your favorite flowers, 3 cups of water, ice cubes, a pot, along with a small bowl, aluminum foil, a strainer, a tower, and an air-tight container. The procedure is quite extensive, so make sure you read each and every step online, so that you don’t err in the process. The end result will be a beautiful bottle of perfume, made by you. How delightful is that!

5. Lip Balm:

Flowers can also be used for making lip balms. If you think of using your recently acquired bouquet, then you are totally justified on this. Collect some dried petals first. Add some beeswax, coconut oil and olive oil in this saucepan. As soon as the mixture starts melting, add the petals, vanilla extract and honey. You will have to keep stirring the mixture so that it remains even. Pour the still hot mix in a container. Allow it to cool off – and there it is your own personal, handmade scented lip balm.

6. Flower Candle:

A flower candle doesn’t mean having the wax made of the flowers. It simply means having the petals stuck on the candle. All you need is a basic thick candle, few sticks, a saucepan, and a bowl, for heating. Use the dried petals, by sticking them on the candle with the few sticks. Then hold the candle in the bowl, and in turn, place the bowl in the saucepan filled with boiling water. The candle will melt, not much, but enough to make your flowers stick. There you go, with your personalized candles!

7. Rose Petal Soap:

Soaps are a good way of using dried up flowers. You will obviously love the concoction, and what’s more, it’ll make the soap more fragrant and certainly beneficial. Search for the right procedure, and follow it properly. The result will be having a proper, flower soap in your hands, ready to be used!

There is always something beautiful about receiving fresh flowers that lights up your entire house. Whether dried up or in full force, they are there, helping you make your life more beautiful, fragrant and ‘flowery’.

Bharat Negi
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