4 Parenting Styles That Exist

Parenting is an art and the parenting styles that we adopt have an effect on the overall personality of the child. While there are different parenting styles, we have listed the 4 most important once so that you develop a wholesome overview of different parenting styles that can be adopted.

  1. Authoritarian parenting

As the name indicates authoritarian parenting is one of the parenting styles in which parents expect from the child that they should follow the rules and there could be no exception to the same. Authoritarian parenting does not allow the children to be involved in problem-solving challenges or any kind of obstacle.

Such parents prefer punishment and make children sorry for their mistakes.

  • Authoritative parenting

Authoritative parenting is a kind of parenting the style in which parents make rules but always take their children’s opinions into account. While authoritative parenting validates the child’s point of view, they also make it amply clear to the child that the ultimate authority lies with the parents. Children who have been raised under the authoritative parenting style are likely to become responsible adults and are comfortable when it comes to expressing their views on important matters.

  • Permissive parenting

As the name makes it clear, permissive parenting is a style in which the parents do not take much interest in their children’s life until the time they are in a serious problem. Permissive parenting is among the parenting styles in which the parent is more of a friend. While this parenting style is good, it also takes the child on the wrong path in case ample care is not ensured well in time.

  • Uninvolved Parenting

In uninvolved parenting, the child is simply on his or her own. The parents do not pay much attention to what the child is doing or how he or she has been performing on the academic front. Such parents do not put in their energy on raising the child and expect the child to care for himself or herself.

Parenting is a challenging task and if you involve yourself wholeheartedly in caring for the child, it would rather be an the interesting assumption to raise the children and they will shower their love on you in return.