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11 Home Paint Colors You Must Try This Summer

Summer is the best time to make any type of changes in your home. Experts suggest that summer is the best time for painting or repainting a house.  As the weather is warm, the paint dries sooner than winters, and you can apply a second coat the next day.

There are many advantages to painting a house in the summer season. Therefore, homeowners can choose the summer season to paint their house. There are a variety of colors and shades available for painting a house. As the paint dry soon in warm weather you will quickly e get the final shade on your walls. The key to getting the right color on your walls is to choose the right paint color.  This post share some of the best paint colors that you can try this summer for your house.


Pink doesn’t always need to be over the top and one-dimensional. A muted Coral tone can be a blend of fun timelessness and sophistication. It creates a sharp contrast with dark black marble metallics and wall arts in your interiors. Therefore, if you are a fan of pink, you can paint the walls of your drawing room with a shade of Coral.


Green walls can add comfort to your home. Some experts also suggest that the green color of your walls keep them cool in summer.  Homes that have gardens are usually cooler than the homes without a garden due to the presence of greenery in the former case. Painting the walls in green shades can help you to have a sense of nature to your interiors and keep them cooler in the summer season. Green Shades are also comfortable to see and soft on the eyes, even if you have a bright light in your rooms.


Yellow is considered a warm color, but it also makes your walls look livelier throughout the year. Yellow is associated with a feeling of joy and looks best when painted in a common area. Moreover, the yellow color paint also locks best on the exterior walls, so as it is a light color, it absorbs less heat and light and reflects more. By reflecting most of the heat and light, the yellow color keeps your home cool and improves its energy efficiency.

Seafoam green

Seafoam green is a wonderful shade of green color that you can use on your walls. Not only for the walls, but it also looks at the furniture. You can paint your kitchen cabinets are chairs in the living room with the Seafoam green color paint. It is a very light color, and you can also use them in the areas which low light to brighten them.  As the light colors reflect more light, they enhance the light in your interiors even if you use low voltage lamps.


Although blue is a seasonal color, there are many bright and attractive shades of blue that can complement the Summer Heat perfectly. A fresh shade of blue can add calmness and tranquility to space. Painting an accent wall in blue color can add elegance and style to your living room. You need to pick the right shade of blue to create the required visual appeal in your interior space.


If you want a bold color for your walls, nothing is better than red. A light shade of red color on the interior walls can add a calm and refined appeal to your interiors. Shades of red color are best for interior spaces like kids’ rooms, living rooms, and kitchen. You don’t prefer painting all the walls in red. You can paint two walls in red and the other two in a light color. Another way to use red color is to paint an accent wall with red and other three walls with a lighter color.


Nothing represents summer better than the Sunny shade of yellow. However, this yellow shade, known as Marigold, can overpower the entire space in your room with its brightness. To overcome its extra vibrance, you can and use contrasting colors and choose the white moldings. You can paint the furniture accessories in sage green or bright blue shades. 

Muted Pastels

Muted pastel Shades in chalky and Muted tones It’s a soothing visual appeal for your interior walls that are perfect for common areas like kitchen and bathroom. These shades do double duty as they conceal the nicks and everyday scuff marks in these areas. 

Soft Clay colors

Soft clay colors of paints are some best alternatives to beige and brown colors for people who want an earthy spirit, as they will lend a certain sunny ambiance and elegance to any room. Think of terra cotta, clove, burnt orange, and caramel colors that have more personality than any neutral will ever have.

Mustard Shades

Deep mustard is perfect for those looking for color pop, and an alternative to gold to quickly create rich focal highlights and make smart paint colors for accented walls and even trim.

Go for subdued and moody mustard indoor colors to establish provocative depth, and beautifully highlight decoration and art as the best color ideas are only implemented in small doses.

Mushroom Shades

Mushroom color is available in light shades that make the perfect tones for your walls in summer. Mushroom shades are also gender-neutral, timeless in nature, and exclusive enough for visitors to take note of their own homes. Plus, natural furnishings and finishes look fantastic.

Final words

These are some paint color ideas to use in your home this summer. In addition to painting your walls, it is also essential to paint your doors, windows, and kitchen cabinets. Painting these things helps you to create a contrast with the walls and make them look more appealing. Also, it is better to hire professional painters like house painters Arncliffe instead of painting yourself. You need to choose the right shade of the colors that suits your interiors as well as exteriors to complement the summer season.