Sound Bar Is Better Than a Sound Base

10 Reasons Why a Sound Bar Is Better Than a Sound Base

To get away from the annoyance and complexity that messed up wires bring with it, a soundbar or a soundbase is best to have. These are simple, compact products that fit in well with your television set and serve with greatness. Although the core purpose and necessity are the same, there are certain extremely needful features or requisitions that one should know before choosing between a soundbar and a soundbase

The core difference lies in the fact that soundbars are more compact, takes less space, and serves the purpose by just being in from your TV or at the above. Whereas it is to note that sound bases are more extensive and demand to be placed below your TV set, in other words, the TV is placed on top of it. Now here stands the first criterion of discomfort: it requires a table or cupboard mandatory to be where it is needed.

Here are some fundamental criteria that suffice the suggestive fact, directed towards soundbars being better to have than sound bases.


Argumentatively the soundbar sounds less immersive than a soundbase depending upon whether the drivers are to blame. But it is a mere myth as we may say; sound bases are accumulated with the same alternative speakers and fails to satisfy a significant value. 

It is the stereo sound that the soundbase lacks when it comes to the effect of music. The best sound performance is received only when the speakers have moderate space in between, and this is a strategy that is not developed in soundbase, but. In contrast, it soundbar, the drivers may be smaller, but the full shape facilitates the cure’s above issue. The additional subwoofer adds the thrilling bass, and there cannot be a better guide to refer to over soundbars.

Also, there are different audio enhancement modes in variety for a soundbar over a soundbase that will bring life in any sound as per your need.


The clear winner of a soundbar stays with the ability to be versatile, whereas, in case of a soundbase, they are simply made to be put under a TV set and cannot be entertained for any further purpose.

A soundbar can be placed wherever it demands and according to the need as before the TV, lower in a cupboard, aside, or can even be hanged on the wall. A soundbar can also create a system that can be experienced other than the TV set, with your PC, etc. 

The limitations with the weight that a sound base can bear are really to be taken care of as you need to know what your TV weighs; otherwise, if it crosses the limits of what your soundbase can tolerate, it is an end game for you. This is not the case for the soundbar as it does not come with such holdbacks.


Soundbars come with tones of smart integration accustomed to it over a soundbase whose all in one nature thrives back to its downfall in the category of upgradation. 

A soundbase is merely used with the TV to solve the stock sound issue, whereas this makes them rigid, not flexible enough to change of level up paths when required as for soundbars we can. 

A soundbar can be used alone, with or without the external subwoofer, along with your PC. Some advanced soundbars can even be used to create a 5.1 or 7.1 channeling system by connecting it to speakers and making it a larger than life experience. 

Hence, the up gradation level stays an all in all advantage for a soundbar over a sound-base – BEST SOUNDBAR IN INDIA


The soundbars come with speakers and inbuilt minimal bass, which may not be enough to overpower the thumping bass that a soundbase brings as the built-in subwoofer inside facilitates it. It is to duly note that almost all soundbars come with an additional external subwoofer, which is mostly wireless and requires to be kept nearby. 

On this particular criteria too, soundbars take away the show as if its sound is played against that of a soundbase, there is no way one can turn their back to it, being the best they can hear. It completes the immersion, surrounds sound, and accurate bass, that is, everything a man looks for in a compact system of audio experience. 


Soundbases are extremely unaffordable for many seekers who are just searching for an alternative for their awful TV speakers. In contrast, a soundbar can stand competitive in their cost as per the rate of affordability is concerned.

It is no doubt that there is always a prolonged debate upon the sound quality of cheap soundbars. Still, in most of the cases, users merely desire to find an affordable alternative upon their tight budget, which the glorified soundbase fails to provide if you demand a great set of speakers in the same compact model even if with sheer metal, it is going to cost huge. 

In addition to the cost, a soundbar often comes with an external subwoofer, which is a fantastic advantage on its end. It gives you clear reasons that on many ground of budget and other pros on your side, the soundbar stands out at the finishing line.


The compatibility of a soundbase is again a matter of concern that is interdependent to your TV’s base size, entire weight, and extends to the factor of durability. If you are willing to buy a soundbase, then you have to be sure of both the sizes of the TV and the soundbase and compare them in the first place to be compatible enough or not.

A soundbase is the most flexible one, and it is also connected to the pros of which is more durable and has better versatility. A soundbar is slim and is a compatibility test that is smooth enough to not worry about while purchasing one. 

Also, its availability adds up to the compatibility level, that is, there is a lot of choices you can go through before purchasing one as, a small soundbar may not look compatible with you TV, so you are ought to opt for a wider one that compliments the size and length mutually. The smart technological advances like Alexa, Bluetooth, Google Home, etc. are a direction to be mesmerized with when it comes to a soundbar.


A considerable number of sandbars are presently occupying the digital market worldwide, whereas the availability of a soundbase in a digital store is not a very common factor to be acknowledged upon. 

The diversity in shapes, sizes, features, and even price, which is available in almost every store, is a very rare criterion to look at in terms of a soundbase, which is, as previously mentioned, very rigid in terms of facilities that it provides.

It is always more accessible for people to get a perfect product in the bag if there is availability in surplus, among which one can shift and choose the right one to be bought for home.


It is famously said that “Slim is beautiful” and whether or not you cannot merely deny that aesthetics matter to everyone, even if they are unaware of it. You ought to choose the one, even unintentionally, which is thinner, compact takes the least space, and still looks perfect. It is what the soundbar does, and the soundbase fails to do. 

The soundbars come with foot stands that can be placed just below or before your TV, making it soothing, whereas a soundbase comes with a thick flat base on which the TV is placed and take a lot of space in return. 

Also, if you have your TV set to the wall, it is advised to go for a soundbar on this particular cause as a broad, thick soundbase will firstly look unbearable, adding to the fact that it will be very much noticeable. 


The speaker configuration of a soundbar is attached to the first point describing why the sound quality can be extended for betterment in a soundbar over a soundbase. Soundbars have long, narrow speakers all situated in a compact body with an inbuilt more bass but often comes with an additional subwoofer that is external and wireless, free to move anywhere near about. 

Soundbase is a thick body of more drives but lacks the necessary space required between them like everything, including the bass related subwoofer, is structured to be placed inside a single frame. This very reason is the cause of failure in the stereo effect for a soundbase, whereas a soundbar with an external subwoofer configuration performs extraordinarily well.